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Fighting Style: Advanced Manji Ninjutsu

Nationality: None (Originally Japan)

Background: Yoshimitsu was following Bryan Fury in order to take revenge for his friend, when he noticed that the Spirit Sword Yoshimitsu was becoming more wild. The Spirit Sword, by its very nature, was in continuous pursuit of blood and drove its owner to lunacy. Yoshimitsu had been suppressing the sword's power by supplying it the blood of the malicious and evil. However, recently he had been having trouble maintaining that balance. If he kept going as he was, there was a chance the sword may have left him to seek another owner and gone on a rampage of death. In order to prevent this, Yoshimitsu attained the Fuumaken, a sword with the ability to contain evil. At the same time, in order to return the Spirit Sword's energy to normal, he joined The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, where evil energy was collected.

Character Data

Strategy Guides

  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure
  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure

Gameplay Summary

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • - Unpredictability
  • - Lots of usable unblockables
  • - Okizeme (Ground game)
  • - Strong assist and comeback potential


  • - Weak i12/13 punisher
  • - Weak bdc
  • - finicky hitbox
  • - Lack of abusable moves
  • - Lack of close-range poking game
  • - Mediocre combo damage
  • - Steep learning curve

Top Moves

  • - 1+4_4~1 [ m; JG ]
  • - 1,1 [ h,m ]
  • - d/f+4 [ m ]
  • - d/f+1 [ m ]
  • - 3~4 [ m, m ]
  • - f+1+2 [ m ]
  • - b+2,2 [ m, m ]
  • - d/b+3,3,4 [ l, l, m; W! ]
  • - d+3 [ L ]
  • - u/f+3 [ m; JG, W! ]
  • - Fc D/F+1_b+1 [ l; Tech trap ]
  • - u/f+4 [ m; Homing, W! ]

  • - NSS 2,1 [ h,h; W! ]
  • - NSS d/f+2 [ m; JG, W! ]
  • - NSS f+3+4 [ m, W! ]
  • - NSS KIN 1 [ m; oFC, B!, W! ]



  • - i6: 1SS 1+4 (i7 for 1SS 4~1) *Short range*
  • - i8: NSS 1+4 (i9 for NSS 4~1) *Short range*
  • - i10: 1,1_2,2_1,2; NSS 1,2,1_2,1
  • - i12: 3_d/f+4
  • - i13: d/f+1
  • - i14: b+2,2_4,4
  • - i15: u/f+3; NSS d/f+2
  • - i16: d/f+2,2
  • - i17: f,F+4 (i16 if buffered correctly)


  • - i9: NSS FC d+1+2
  • - i10: WS+1+2_FC d+1
  • - i11: WS+4_FC d+2
  • - i14: WS+1,1
  • - i15: u/f+3_WS+2
  • - i17: f,F+4_WS+3,2

Yoshimitsu is one of the more advanced characters in Tekken. At first glance, Yoshi has lots of flashy moves and unique stances with build-in special properties (evasion, reversals, healing, back turned, etc.). Players may soon realize that using Yoshimitsu’s moves effectively in a heated match can be rather frustrating.

Yoshimitsu’s moves are different from those of other characters, for that most of his attacks are situational or less-than-solid. Having very few solid moves to rely on for Yoshimitsu players results two distinctive yet effective styles of Yoshimitsu: Those who play extremely orthodox by using very limited move set, and those who use all the moves to take advantage of his various bonus-properties. Regardless of which style that you find yourself using, it is important to know when and where to use all his situational moves. While his moves are situational, they are perfect for their preferred situation.

Yoshimitsu does not shine in his poking game or his juggle damage, but he has a great ground game thanks to his many unblockable moves. Learning how to use his unblockable and properly setting up his ground game would be the first step to victory. Another move that makes Yoshimitsu fearsome is his flash (1+4). Due to its frame (i6 for 1SS, and i8 for NSS), many “safe moves” become punishable by Yoshimitsu, and moves that gives opponent + frames to set up slower and powerful attacks become harder to execute against Yoshimitsu. Moreover, a few relatively safe attacks (-10~12ish) may result a full launcher punish when fighting against Yoshimitsu. It takes a lot of time and dedication to learn how to properly use Yoshimitsu's flash, but it will be well-worth the time and effort.

Yoshimitsu has many strange attacks and stances. The build-in properties from his attacks and stances often help him get away from tight situation where other regular characters may not be able to avoid. As a result, many players see him as a man of exception, and beginners often ignore the basics and fundamentals thinking that they can get away with by using his evasions and special properties. Unfortunately, to take advantage of his exceptions, it is absolutely necessary to focus on the basics. Once you fully understand the basics, you will be able to strike fear to your opponents with Yoshimitsu's unique and unpredictable style, and annihilate them with no mercy.

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