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Fighting Style: Kazama Style/Unknown

Nationality: Japan

Background: Unknown was formerly known as Jun Kazama's sister, but that was later dropped. Unknown is said to be possessed by wolf-like spirits. Like Angel, she utters out unpleasant sounds when attacking.

Character Data

Strategy Guides

  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure
  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure

Gameplay Summary

Writeup by Jason4579

There are obvious changes to her movelist over from Jun which have been listed in the movelist thread, but her gameplay needs to be tweaked based on these changes.

New additions


The first hit is -18 or worse whilst the second is -20 or worse. If the first hit is blocked, the second can be interrupted pretty easily.


The second hit of this string has a minimum distance and will not hit an opponent that is close to Jun. What's worse, this string can be confirmed by an opponent and punished with unblockables, since they have plenty of time whilst the second hit is whiffing. Really, that's how bad it is to do this string from 0 range.

Notes about the above strings

The strings can be transtioned into from b+2,1, b+3_IZU 3 and WS 3.

If transitioned into, the first hit becomes -12.

Right now, I've got the first move as i20, but this is very likely to change as it's hard to test for me due to the hitbox.

The first hit has three different animations depending on the input. u/f+2 gives the regular, forwards-pointing spike, u+2 gives a vertical spike and u/b+2 gives a non-launching, backwards-pointing spike.

Whilst both moves are horrible to do in an opponents face, they can be used as whiff and raw tag punishers due their huge range.

Whilst u/f+2,1 will track the opponent, there is a limit to the distance that the spikes will appear from, although the second hit of u/f+2,2 doesn't have this limit and will always appear above the opponent.


Unknown new unblockable replaces a rather useful move of Jun's and is a big nerf. This move will create a glowing circle of light on the floor a few spaces away from unknown. If the opponent steps into this circle of light then an animation will begin and they will take damage before being forcibly tagged out.

Unknown has no way to cancel this move which is the worst part about it. If the move whiffs then she'll be completely open for just under 4 seconds.

The only good part about the move it will affect an opponent who has been splatted, meaning that a tag assault that ends in a high W! can enable Unknown to use this move as a wall combo <-- needs confirming, although it's been used to great affect in combo videos


This move now has extended range and hits grounded, giving Unknown a boost to her Oki as it will float backrollers whilst still causing a chunk of damage to opponents who stay grounded.


A throw with a changed animation. Unknown creates a wall before hitting the opponent through it. If done when the opponents back is to a wall, unknown will use that instead. Unknown can break walls and balconies this way.

The throw gives zero oki in either situations and that's a huge nerf over Jun, although the throw will cause 4 extra damage against a stage wall and can net you even more if used against breakable walls or balconies. The throw can also be great for getting away from walls as it will leave you can your opponent very far away from where you first initiated the throw.

When partnered with Jun, d/f+1+2~5 becomes a unique tag throw, although this throw cannot break stage walls or balconies.


Holding U after u/f+4,3 against a standing opponent will initiate an extra two hits. The second can break walls and balconies, but will do less damage than her staple combo out in the open.

SS 2,B

A buff from Jun. After the first move hits a standing opponent, a giant hand will smash the opponent back to your feet. It will cause extra damage if the hand appears from a wall, but it will not hit if the opponent is stopped by a wall as the hand will not be within range.


Jun's taggable reversal has been removed and replaced with this strange parry. The active frames are extremely weird and I admit that testing it has been a nightmare so I haven't got much on this move right now, although right now it looks like it only gives a few +frames and does a small amount of damage.


Still the same move, but the second hit KDs on NH instead of launching on CH. The second hit also has a larger hitbox due to the spike that it creates out of the ground.

IMO, it's a buff. Unknown has a good ground game which she can now access whenever she punishes -13, a lot sooner than Jun's fastest standing KD which is i16.

Standing game differences

b+4,2 giving a KD allows Unknown a free mixup when punishing -13 to -15. Use this to take another chunk of life from your opponent.

b+2,1,2 should be your new mid option off of the string. Jun only gets 2,2,1 for a KD to punish opponents who try to duck whilst Unknown gets a full launch.

u/f+2,1_2 can be used to great effect to punish raw tags and whiffed moves which Jun is unable to due to the opponent being too far away. The first hit can also be safely thrown out across stages for a chance at free chip damage, but it will whiff if the opponent is sidestepping. Even if the move whiffs, Unknown will still be safe, unless the opponent is another Unknown user who will punish using the same move.

Combo differences

Her new b+2,1,2,2 transition will hit after any 6 hit or less combo (including bound but not launcher) and will cause more damage than any of Jun's enders. This will affect the following three staples.

launch, 3, b+4,2, f+3,f+1+2, IZU 1+2 B!

b+3,4,(1)+4,2, f+3,f+1+2, IZU 1+2 B!

b+3,4,1+4,2, d+2 B!

The ender will connect on all opponent sizes, but will only be consistent if done as soon as possible. The best way to connect it is if you do a dash that is quick, but big enough so that the second hit will still connect.

The new u/f+2,2 string is also brilliant as a TA! and for ending a combo after a TA! due to two facts.

-The second hit spikes -The second hit has infinite range

These two properties make it perfect for some partners, especially those with longer staples, such as Nina.


Unknown currently has zero options and decals cannot be placed on her default outfit. 2P unknown has the same outfit but instead has white hair.

The default outfit is animated though. The purple skin that coats her body will continuously spread and recede.


Her 1+2 can hit her partner during TA!.

If unknown's tag partner hits their opponent and then tags her in, Unknown's b+1+3_b+2+4 will have the hit effect of her partners until she in-turn hits her opponent with an attack of her own.

If Unknown's opponent is hit with her 1+2 whilst tag crashing out, they will take the damage the usual amount of time later. Unknown will stay in the whiff animation for the duration of the move.

Also, if you execute a tag assault starting with Unknown where your partner ends up in the middle of the screen, you can do the Mizuchi Claw (1+2) to take your partner. The regular damage will be done, your partner will do the animation and screech, but no hand will come and take them. He/She will just disappear.

Ex: Unknown - f+2, b+4 2, b+2 1 f+1+2 1 2+Tag

Alisa - b+3+4 3+4 1+2

Unknown - 1+2

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