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Movement and Defense

This series of lessons is aimed to introduce all possible commands you can do with the directional pad/stick, show practical and creative uses of such commands, and introduce fundamental aspects of movement and defense.


Walking, Crouching and Blocking

Lesson Objectives

  • To get familiarized with basic stick commands like forward and backward movement
  • To introduce standing, full-crouching and while-standing status
  • To introduce basic blocking
  • To introduce Crouch cancelling

So, first of all, welcome to Defense 101! Just to start this up, this first section should not be too hard for you. We're just introducing basic movement and blocking, but if you're coming from a Street Fighter background, you should take note that blocking in Tekken works a little bit differently (as well as attacking).

Walking and Standing Block

First, your character is in a standing status when you're not pressing anything. Most of the attacks and movements come when you're standing. Also, not pressing anything puts you on neutral guard, where you can block specific light attacks but hard attacks will still go through. When you're standing, you can hold F to move forward closer to the opponent, or hold B to move backward. Pretty simple. The problem though is this kind of movement is often too slow for Tekken's usual pace. We can talk about much faster ways later on.

One notable thing though is when you are standing, you can do a standing block by holding B (the same way you "walk" backwards). You will be able to block high, mid and special mid attacks. Remember that you have this option to block!

Full Crouch & While Standing

While easily the most accessible, standing still has weaknesses, as you are always vulnerable to low attacks. The ability to crouch helps you with those woes. Holding D will put you to Full Crouch status (abbreviated as FC). Compared to "standing" status, you're not as mobile in FC, but you will be able to block low and special mid attacks AND dodge high attacks. Some moves that can be accessible to FC status have some special properties. Despite this, going to FC can be a double-edged sword, as you're not as mobile as you were standing, and you will never be able to block mid attacks (and most common damaging attacks are mids).

Also, when you go to neutral when you are in full crouch, you won't be in standing status immediately. Instead, you're gonna be in While Standing status (abbreviated as WS) for a short time. That short transition from crouching to standing is important because there are specific character special attacks that you can do with it, and usually, they have high-damage potential.

Crouch Canceling

Many times, while standing status is just important. It can, however, occasionally hinder you when you want to input a standing command immediately after crouching, and a while standing move comes out instead. This is where crouch-cancelling (abbreviated as cc) is important. Tapping ~f when you release from full crouch status will immediately put you to standing status faster than waiting. Crouch cancelling is important, especially in combos where the usual launcher leaves you crouching, as you can do standing moves more quickly...

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