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This series of lessons are aimed to introduce the tag-system mechanics, which include health regen, "netsu" rage, and more. It also aims to introduce tag-related tech and practical uses of each.

Tagging Primer


  • To show the tag-related mechanics
  • To introduce "netsu" rage and recoverable health
  • To introduce raw tagging and its properties

Tag near wall

Tag input on F0, Able to input attacks from F30 (buffer window F25). Airborne until F30 Unable to Guard F45, able to guard/duck F46

Tag from down Able to input attacks from F50 (buffer window F45) Vulnerable until F50. Able to Guard/duck F51.

Standard tag (input on F0) Vulnerable on F45 Can duck or block moves that connect on F46.

Able to input attacks from F30 (buffer window from F25)

Earliest input for tag dive finishing on F15 will hit on F44. Latest input for tag dive finishing on F44 will hit on F62

Command Hit Range Damage Speed Guard Hit CH Total
Tag dive m 32 51 0 -23 18 110
Tag slide l 47 -40 6 6 103
Tag crash 14 -15 -4 55 Inputs from F55, can block earlier, airborne until F49
1+2+5 21 -16 67
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