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This series of lessons are aimed to introduce the tag-system mechanics, which include health regen, "netsu" rage, and more. It also aims to introduce tag-related tech and practical uses of each.


Solo or Tag?


  • To introduce 1vs1, 1vs2 and 2vs2 modes
  • To fully explain the advantages and disadvantages of both solo and tag modes.

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Netsu - Rage state given to tag partner after primary has sustained enough damage, or tag assault has been successfully performed on them. (First introduced in Tekken Tag Tournament)

Rage - Allows for striking attacks to deal more significantly more damage for a set amount of time. (First introduced in Tekken 6)

Tag Assault - Hitting 5 during a move that puts an opponent in a B! state.

Tag Crash - Tag escape that almost immediately forces your character off screen leaving very little opportunity to take damage. Tag partner comes falling from the upper portion of the screen and hits opponent with their head although no damage is dealt.

2 vs 2

Standard Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited play.

  • Character lifebars in Unlimited are 165 points. (Down from 180 in T5/T6/TTT2?)
  • Tagging can be performed by hitting the command set to it represented by a 5.
  • Special Tag actions such as Tag Assault, Tag crash and Special Tag Combos, and Tag Throws added and can be performed only under certain conditions.
  • Successful Tag Assaults result in Netsu power being given to the opponents tag partner.
  • Tag Crashes remove all red health of the tag partner. (require the tag partner to have Netsu and controlled character to be knocked down, command 2+5)
  • Special Tag Combos while tagging in and out of two characters do not give Netsu to the opponent.
  • Tag Throws (break with 2 or 5) remove the red health of the opponent grabbed.
  • Balcony break automatically tags to the alternate player to continue combo on the opponent face the opponents legs who is in an face down B! state.

2 vs 1

2 vs 1 allows either player to play with a tag combination (team) while the other player uses a single character (solo). This introduces a new formula of play for the Tekken franchise and as such, changes were made to the rage & netsu systems for this game mode.

Changes for Solo character

  • Solo allows you to choose only one character
  • Lifebar is increased to 230 points of damage being required for a K.O.
  • Tag assaults performed on you where the opponent's tag partner lands at least one hit on you, automatically puts you in the rage state for a limited time.
  • At half health or 165 points of life, the solo character goes into rage state for a limited time if not already put in that state before then.
  • Red health is slowly replenished while fighting.
  • Netsu power can only be given to the opponent's tag partner after dealing enough damage to their currently controlled character since tag assaults cannot be performed.
  • Tag crashes cannot be performed.
  • Balcony breaks result in the solo character going down to the floor and able to continue the combo on a face down B! state opponent facing their head.

1 vs 1

Standard Tekken Play with all tag mechanics removed. Rage is given once health bars go below a certain point.

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