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BT study

Holding B against jabs/mids

F1-3 = remain BT

F4-6 = hit but turn to face

F7 onwards = blockable

Holding DB against lows

F1 = duck jabs

Holding DB against lows

F1-11 remain BT

F12-20 hit but turn to face

F21 onwards blockable

b(1F)~DB against lows (also tested (B(6F)~DB, no difference)

F1-7 hit and remain BT

F8-15 hit but turn to face

F16 onwards blockable

u,N,DB (1F each for u and N inputs) against lows

F18 onwards blockable

Pressing f against jabs

F1-3 = remain BT

F4-5 hit but turn to face

F6 onwards blockable

BT f~DB against lows

F1-7 = remain BT

F8-15 = hit but turn to face

F16 onwards blockable

Wakeup frames

Faceup feet towards

F2-10 mini float

F11 blockable

Facedown headtowards

F2-5 remains facedown, slides back

F6-15 mini float, becomes faceup headaway

F16 blockable

Faceup headtowards

F3-10 - Mini float

F11-15 Standup backturned

F16 Blockable

Facedown feet towards

F3-5 remains facedown, slides back

F6-18 Standup backturned

F19 Blockable

  • you'll notice sometimes for these moves, F1 and F2 don't have any properties. I suspect this is more to do with the fact that Nina's d+4 (the move I used to test) doesn't connect on those frames due to its hitbox, rather than the wakeup animation being invulnerable.

Tekken 6 Data


F1-10 vulnerable

F11 can block


F1-10 vulnerable

F11-15 OB

F16 can block


F1 invulnerable

F2-5 vulnerable, remains SLD

F6-15 vulnerable, change to KND

F16 can block


F1-5 vulnerable, remain FCD

F6-18 OB

F19 can block

T4 data to compare


Unguardable airborne time 11F , guard but nothing else 25F


Unguardable airborne time 12F, unguardable time 17F (BT), guard but nothing else 25F


Unguardable airborne time 16F, 25 guard only.


Unguardable airborne time 6F, 20F BT time, 27F guard only

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