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Movement and Defense

This series of lessons is aimed to introduce all possible commands you can do with the directional pad/stick, show practical and creative uses of such commands, and introduce fundamental aspects of movement and defense.


Forward Dash and Running

Lesson Objectives

  • To introduce Forward Dashes and While-Running Status
  • To get familiarized to the different attacks in While-Running status
  • To give tips for going to instant-While Running status

Tekken is a fast paced game, and simply holding the stick forward to get close to your opponent was deemed too slow. Good thing is, there's a faster way to get close to your opponent. In this section, we'll be discussing Forward Dashes and Running.

Forward Dash

Forward Dashing, done by doing f~n~F (tap and holding forward, abbreviated as ff), lets you do a quick dash toward your opponent. It covers a pretty large space for its speed, and depending on how long you hold the F, you can go for a short dash, or a forward dash's maximum length. Not only is it quick, it also has a different set of attacks available to each character. Most of them are pretty damaging.

However, a problem can arise, especially with new players, that when they discover forward dashing and its attacks, they tend to do them every time, even when they are up-close. Then they usually end up eating jabs or even slower, damaging attacks. Remember that when you are forward dashing, you cannot block, so usually, it's ill-advised to dash if you are too close to your opponent. In forward dashing, it's important to always gauge your range. Remember, it's used to get close to your opponent, so why do it when you're already close? As long as you are using forward dash in the right place at the right time, there should be no problem.


On the other hand, when you are far away from your opponent (out of forward dash's range), inputting ff will make your character run instead. This is called While Running status (abbreviated as WR). When running, you obviously are approaching your opponent at a fast rate. In the same way, you can't block attacks when your character is running, but holding B will cancel WR quickly, making your character stop and block. But what makes WR essential is the attacks you can use from it, as usually, they are pretty damaging and have special properties with it. Many characters, like Dragunov, and the Kings have special moves coming out of WR, and the moves were so good that they became an essential part of their arsenal.

The problem is that you won't always have the right amount of space to go to WR in a ff input. Many times, the distance between you and your opponent is only a forward dash range. For this, the game has allowed us to go to instant while running status (iWR) by triple-tapping foward (f~n~f~n~F, abbreviated as fff). Doing fff will let you do WR moves on a forward dash, even when you're in a small space. For characters such as those mentioned before, being able to do these moves forward dash range will be essential for them. The only problem is you need to quickly input the fff within a relatively small timeframe, or it won't work. So, it's a good idea to train your fingers to execute iWR as consistently as you can.

WR Attacks

There are several attacks every character shares when they are in a WR state, and many of them can only be done after a specific number of steps your character runs. So, the farther you are running, the more options you have available. To summarize, these are the usual options you are presented with when in WR status.

--During 3 steps of the run, you will be able to do:

  • WR 3 slash kick (hits mid, KND's, blockstun)
  • and your character specific iWR moves.

--After 3 steps of the run, you will be able to do:

  • WR 1+2 cross dive (hits mid, long range, KND's, safe)
  • WR 4 low slide (hits low, KND's, recovers grounded)
  • A takedown tackle for standing and crouching opponents, and a trample stomp when you don't stop running

--After 4 steps of the run, instead of the takedown tackle, you will be able to do a unblockable shoulder ram on standing and crouching opponents.

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