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This series of lessons are aimed to introduce the offensive systems Tekken has, which include hit ranges, throws, crush system, frames and the combo system, in a way that the readers can take advantage of this system in a fight.


Walls and Floors


  • To introduce Walls and Wallsplatting Moves
  • To show wall combo mechanics
  • To introduce Wall and Floor Breaks

Wall Splat & Slump System

Writeup By Mr. NAPS, information tailored with Bryan Fury in mind.

Here is how the wall system works in Tekken 6: BR.

After a normal wall splat (I'll get back to what is "normal"), if you do one or two hits, they will end up slumping down at a slow speed. If you do three or more (basically any amount past two, it will all be the same end-result) hits, they will end up slumping down at a fast speed.

Here are the things people get confused about :

  • First and foremost, the amount of hits you do prior to the wall splat has nothing to do with anything. You could hack the game and do a 475 hit combo before getting to the wall, and the wall system/rules will still remain the same.
  • Second, single hitting bounds (like Bryan's b+1 or ff+4) DO NOT count towards the wall count.
  • Third, multiple hitting bounds (like Bryan's b+3,1+2) DO count, but only for one hit: the b+3 (unless you somehow made b+3 whiff and just bounded with 1+2). CHANBO, this is why w! b+3,1+2, b!, d+1+2~f,ws+3,4 does not work (for the most part anyway; I'll get back to this later). b+3 = first hit, 1+2 DOES NOT COUNT, d+1+2 = second hit, ws+3 = third hit, and by that time, they are already slumping down too fast to catch them with the last hit, the 4.
  • Fourth, paying attention to what you wall splatted with essential in figuring out if you need to start your wall count at ZERO or ONE.

--A normal wall splat is any wall splat where you see them stick to the wall for a split second. If you need a visual example, look at how they wall splat if you were to wall splat after doing 1,4, or if you were to wall splat with the normal wall carry combo of b+3~f,4,1,2. A normal wall splat is when you start at ZERO.

---Combo example: normal wall splat (ZERO wall hits), b+1 b! (still zero wall hits), d+1+2~f (one wall hit), ws+3 (two wall hits),4 (three wall hits, thus commencing the fast wall slump described above).

--A low wall splat is any wall splat where you hardly see them stick to the wall at all. They pretty much just go straight into the slow wall slump. You won't come across this situation as often with Bryan as you may other characters, but one instance would be if they were to wall splat after b+3~f,4,1, and they wall splat so late, that you can barely b+1 to bound on reaction after seeing the wall splat. This is a low wall splat, and this is when you start at ONE.

---Combo example: low wall splat (ONE wall hit), b+1 b! (still one wall hit), d+3 (two wall hits),2 (three wall hits, commencing the fast wall slump once again).

  • Fifth, if you succeed in getting a high wall splat, you can sneak in an extra hit or two, given that the move is fast enough, and it WON'T count towards your wall hit count. This is why Bryan's f,b+2 w!, U_U/F n 4, ff+4_b+1 b!, d+1+2~f, ws+3,4 works, for example. Since the U_U/F n 4 doesn't count towards wall hit count, bound into three hits work before they start wall slumping fast.

What does slow or fast wall slump mean for Bryan? Aside from figuring out the correct combo just like everyone else, Bryan has to think about which oki he would want to be left with, because of taunt. If Bryan opts for the slow wall slump (optimally speaking, would be two wall hits), he gives up a small amount of damage and the chance of them mixing him up with the delayed wall slump tech, for a lower risk of getting wake-up kicked out of his taunt attempt. Conversely, if Bryan opts for the fast wall slump (optimally speaking, as many wall hits as possible while still being able to run up and have an uninterruptable tracking taunt), he gives up a higher risk of being wake-up kicked out of his taunt, for a small bit of extra damage and an easier time of not having to worry about delayed wall slump tech.

This post is mostly geared towards Bryan, with the Bryan examples and the taunt wall oki explanation at the end, but I will not neglect to mention that if you use these general rules with other characters, be aware that some moves may bend the rules a little bit.

For example, Nina's 1+4 bound does not count towards wall hits, even though it is a multiple hitting bound. The reason for this is actually two-fold. One: because the first hit smacks them downward, which means the opponent isn't actually hitting the wall. How can you count wall hits if the opponent isn't even hitting the wall? Two: In Nina's combos, it is common to have 1+4 hit grounded. Grounded hits do not count toward the wall hits. Another example of this would be if you were to wall splat with Ganryu, and you timed ws+1+2,1+2 so that the first hit hits grounded, and the second hit bounds. The ws+1+2 will not count towards the wall hits.

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