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Movement and Defense

This series of lessons is aimed to introduce all possible commands you can do with the directional pad/stick, show practical and creative uses of such commands, and introduce fundamental aspects of movement and defense.


Backflips and Wall Jumps


  • To introduce backflips and its uses.
  • To introduce wall-jumps.

Now that we've talked about crouchdashes and sways, movements that dodge high attacks, we're going to talk about some movements that dodge low attacks (well, aside from jumping). These tools can be nifty for you, so take notes!


Just like crouchdashes and sways, the Backflip, inputted by ub~b, is a special movement that dodges certain attacks. It makes your character dodge low attacks while moving backward, giving you that needed space. It isn't technically invulnerable to high and mid attacks, but since it goes backwards, many short-ranged attacks will miss. This move can be as valuable as a backdash, 'cause even though you can't block, the evasive properties of this movement and distance it covers makes it worthwhile to do often. You can do backflips especially when your opponent is a bit close to you and pressuring you with pokes, as most of the time, backflips can evade them, and even if you get hit, you won't get floated for a big juggle, making it a low to medium-risk move. Sadly, just like crouchdashes, this isn't available to every single character.

Wall Jumps

Have you ever been in situations where you're between your opponent and a wall? More often than not, you're gonna be. Having a wall to your back can be disadvantageous to you, since there is no way you can back away from your opponent. In addition to this, everything your opponent can do may be doubly rewarded because walls often allow for more nastier combos. Fortunately, there are ways to turn this from disadvantage to advantage. Depending on your character, there are moves that capitalize on having a wall to your back. One of those moves are wall jumps.

Wall Jumps, accessed by doing b~b~UB, makes your character climb quickly to the wall (and evade attacks) then do a specific attack when falling. These attacks depend on which character you're using. Most of the time, the attack can either be a:

  • overhead punch (gives blockstun on block, juggles on hit)
  • leap kick (pushback on block, knockdown on hit)
  • front kick (force crouch on block, knockdowns on hit)
  • backflips (knockdowns on hit and can jump over opponent, putting you on his/her/its back)
  • or some character specific wall jump attack.

When climbing, you are immune to attacks, but when falling you are in a vulnerable "jump status", which can get you floated for a juggle if your opponent anticipates this. So there is some sort of risk. But even then, wall jumps can be a nasty surprise move that's worth doing from time to time, especially for players who rely on evasion and trickery, as usually, you can turn the tide of battle with it.

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