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Fighting Style: Unknown

Nationality: None

Background: Ogre is a mysterious giant immortal humanoid creature that was described as a weapon left upon by the aliens during ancient times. He was first mentioned in Heihachi Mishima's character profile. Heihachi sent his own military force, Tekken Force to search an ancient Aztec temple located somewhere in Mexico. Soon after arriving there, Heihachi learned that his entire force had been obliterated by Ogre. Heihachi, having witnessed the power of Ogre, sought to capture him in hopes of creating the ultimate life form. According to official canon, Ogre attacked many world-renowned martial arts masters around the world. One of his victim is Jun Kazama, the mother of the then-fifteen year old Jin. Eventually, Heihachi announced the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 in order to lure Ogre out. Ogre was thought to be defeated by Paul Phoenix during the final phase of the tournament. However, he soon transforms into a more powerful being that resembles a chimera called True Ogre. Still, he is defeated, this time by Jin Kazama and he dissolves into dust.

Character Data

Strategy Guides

  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure
  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure

Gameplay Summary

Writeup By Murakumo

I decided to put this in here since nothing has been posted in here for some time. This won't be the best guide out there, but it'll be the best start that English-speaking Tekken players can find at release. (If you can read through in Korean or Japanese, there are Tekken Central and Tekken BB). Granted I don't know what the guide has written up on him, but I'll try to get the Ogre knowledge I have in here.

Who am I? I'm a Lee player, most notably. I started competing in TTT1 (join date), and my TTT1 mains were Jin/Baek, Bruce/Bryan, Lei/T.Ogre, and double Ogres. I was waiting for his return. I began testing his moves and frames upon TTT2.0 release in Japan and was quick to call him shit tier--and rightfully so. However, since the update to unlimited (TTT2U), which is essentially what the home version is, Ogre has gained some very small but very necessary improvements. He is now very much playable, and I would put him at a solid B rank. He will do better in some matchups than others, and indeed he can punish many things that would be safe if blocked by other characters.

As a quick aside, damages may be off from practice mode, because these numbers I'm pulling are mostly numbers from InaTekkenWiki. Most of their Ogre frames are up to date now, though.

Ogre's strengths:

  • - Punishing (range)
  • - Range
  • - Movement (front and back)

Ogre's weaknesses:

  • Lack of good crushes
  • Lack of a quick low
  • Short legs
  • Movement (sides)

Because of Ogre's lack of a quick counter hitting move, lack of legitimate crushes, and lack of quick lows, it can be very hard to stop momentum from characters like Law and Nina.

How should I play Ogre?

Simple, range your opponents out. Also, you need to make sure to punish everything, and from a crouch, that means you will need to gauge your range because of Ogre's gimpy leg range.

Ogre's range is ridiculous, including his jab. As an MvC2 Dhalsim player, I can appreciate a quick, looooong ranged jab. This jab will help you keep space in the match. DON'T just let your opponents run in. Make them work for it! Range, range, range, range, range. If you can't move, your opponent will walk all over you. Ogre, perhaps more than most characters you see, will seem really strong or really weak depending on the player and opponent.


This is one of Ogre's weak points if they start rushing you down. My recommendations?

high crush:

dick punches (d+1, FC+2)

b+3 (slow, but ACTUALLY crushes early, minimally punishable, some tracking, juggle on CH, + frames on hit)

... everything else that "high crushes" just doesn't do it consistently or isn't worth it (-frames on hit). I've been jabbed out of d/f+1+2, and floated by jabs out of both u+4 and u/b+3. Combo'd by the same moves they supposedly crush.

low crush: hahahahah... haha. HA... HAHAHAHHAHA, HAH!!!

No, but seriously, I don't think he has anything semi-quick that consistently crushes lows. Then they're all so slow on startup... your best but MIGHT actually be u/f,N+4... gross! I guess there's u/f+3,4,3+4, but I think that's still punishable on block, too (-12 Hwo version). Worth a try I guess.



  • 10f) 1,2,2 (+4)
  • 10f) 2,2 (-2) [slightly stronger]
  • 13f) d/f+1,1 (+2, opponent crouched)
  • 14f) b+4,3 (+4)
  • 14f) f+1+4 (knockdown/splat)
  • 15f) 3,2 (+7)
  • 16f) u/b+3~F (juggle) [close range]
  • 16f) d/f+3,2, b+1_d+3+4_b+1+2 (knockdown and followup) [medium range]
  • 16f) u/f+1+2,1+2 (knockdown/splat) [super good range]
  • 20f) u+4~U (juggle)
  • 23f) u/f,N+4


  • 10f) FC+1 (+6) [remains crouching]
  • 10f) FC+1~F (+6) [recovers standing]
  • 11f) WS+4 (+8) [frames, very short range]
  • 11f) WS+4,4 (-3~4, opponent crouched) [damage, short range]
  • 11f) FC+2 (+7) [remains crouching, very good range]
  • 13f) WS+1,2 (+3, opponent crouched)
  • 16f) WS+2 (stun juggle starter) [good range]
  • 16f) u/f+1+2,1+2 (knockdown/splat) [super good range]
  • 20f) u+4~U (juggle)
  • 23f) u/f,N+4

As you can see, Ogre has to deal with not only the frames for the appropriate punisher, but also the range.


As mid pokes...


  • 13f) d/f+1 (-5)(+6) 12 dmg
  • 14f) b+4 (-5)(+6) 14 dmg
  • 15f) d/f+2 (-8)(+3) 15 damage
  • 16f) f+1+2 (-9)(knockdown/splat) 24 damage, extra damage on counter and +8~10 frames--splats on counter, too, if you reach a wall
  • 20f) d/b+1 (-4)(+6) 16 damage, opponent crouched on hit
  • 21f) ff+3 (+/-0?) (juggle on hit) [pick up with 3,2]
  • 11f) WS+4 (-3)(+8)
  • 13f) WS+1 (-6) (+5) 13 damage [semi-hit confirmable to WS+1>2 (-12)(+3) 31 damage, opponent crouched on hit]


  • 13f) d/f+1,1 (-13)(+2) 37 damage, opponent crouched on hit
  • 14f) b+4,3 (-10)(+5) 32 damage
  • 15f) 3,2 (-3)(+7) 35 damage, duckable on block
  • 16f) u/f+1+2 (-12)(-2) 19 damage, hit confirmable to u/f+1+2,1+2 (-20)(knockdown/splat) 46 damage

Other notables*

  • fff+3 (massive guard stun)
  • fff+3+4 (massive guard stun)
  • d+2 (SUUUUUPER LONG RANGE, strangely it tracks well, good stun on guard. I use this a lot in ranged wakeup)
  • [Boot] 1 (-9)(+3) 12 damage
  • [Boot] 1,2 (-10)(+1) 26 damage, hit confirmable to [Boot]1,2,1+2 (-14?)(knockdown/splat) 51 damage

Low pokes

  • 12f) FC+4 (-15)(-4) 12 damage
  • 16f) d/b+3 (-17)(-3) 14 damage, crushes, remain crouched
  • 17f) d/b+4 (-11)(+/-0) 18 damage
  • 19f) d+4 (-17)(-6) 8 damage, crush/CH fishing for d+4,4 (-8)(juggle) second hit is duckable
  • 23f) d/b+2 (-19)(+/-0) 25 damage, crushes, throw on CH
  • 27+f) b+3 (-13)(+4) 20 damage, recovers crouching, juggle on CH, crushes, extendable to b+3,4 (-8)(knockdown)

Other pokes

  • 10f) 1 (+1)(+8)
  • 10f) 2 (-2)(+7)
  • 10f) 1,2 (0?-1?)(+7)
  • 14f)b+2 (-8)(+3) juggles on CH, high, decent range

... as you can see, his mid pokes are not that great, and his low pokes are pretty horrible compared to most of the cast. If you are going to mix your opponent up, try to incorporate lots of throws (its hard to see his hands), and waning moon in particular (massive damage). Other than that, you SHOULD mostly be fighting a game of ranging, not one of a mixup game. As much. If the opponent gets in on you, be patient, punish correctly, and if you have space, move. If not, then mixup, hopefully hit something else, be patient, and move when you have time. That said, i have has some success with stuff like b+4,3, b+4,3. Waning moon. Also, Ogre's SS, while bad, is not as bad as the bears. If you use an attack that forces crouch, you can step away from their obvious WS move side and get something if they whiff.

In a nutshell? Move and out-range your opponent--Ogre is the Dhalsim of Tekken. Punish everything. Did I mention to move?

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