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Nina Williams

Fighting Style: Assasination Arts

Nationality: Ireland

Background: After defeating her sister Anna, Nina Williams was without an immediate goal to pursue. Jin Kazama, who had become the leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, recruited her as a member of his special forces. Nina was not picky about her clients. She engaged in covert demolition operations around the world as part of the Tekken Force. As the world was engulfed in war and the conflict between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation heated up, the Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Nina decided to enter the Tournament in order to eliminate those who pose a threat to Jin Kazama.

Character Data

Strategy Guides

Gameplay Summary

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Close up Poking
  • Juggle Damage
  • Strongest pre-bound wall carry in the game
  • Wall damage on point, post TA and solo


  • Has sub-par long range tools
  • Punishment until * No really threatening unseeable lows

How to step Taken from: http://www.avoidingthepuddle.com/news/2013/3/16/ttt2-character-rankings-and-data-from-tekkenbbs.html

  • Step right - She only has db+that way

From my experience though Nina has quite a few options for tracking. 1+4, though not as good as it was in T6, still does a decent job. f,f,df+well to her left. df+1+2, a safe i, but lacks range.

Top Moves

  • 1, 2
  • df+1
  • d+4
  • f+2
  • f+2,1,1+2
  • db+2
  • d+2
  • db+3
  • f,F+1+2
  • ss+1~F_B
  • 4
  • 1+4
  • df+4



Frames Move Damage Notes
i10 1,4
i10 1,2 +
i12 b+2,2 +
i13 df+1,2 +
i14 f+3 Knockdown, Wallsplat
i14 df+3, N+4 +
i15 df+2 Launch Doesn't launch crouch
i16 b+1+4 Launch


Frames Move Damage Notes
i10 d+1
i11 WS+4
i13 WS+1,1+2 Knockdown, Wallsplat
i15 WS+2 Launch Short range
i18 uf+2,1 Launch Goes straight to Bound

Nina needs to be in close. She has some of the best in your face tools with her jabs, d+4, db+3, SS+, d+2, ss+df+2. Getting in on an opponent with good spacing and keepout will be the hardest challenge, but if you're patient you can wear them down. Since Nina doesn't have a lot of good closing tools, you'll have to rely on good spacing, baiting and defense until you can close the distance.

Nina has wall pressure movesets in the game, including an unbreakable multi throw starter (qcb+1+4), ss+, uf+1+! throw, fF+1+2 (for +W! on hit), qcf+, db+3, 1+pinned, db+wall splat.

Nina does have some really strong oki options with minimal damage sacrifice in combos.

Nina does have multi throws, but typically they're not worth doing except the unbreakable (or certain oki situations).

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