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Fighting Style: Various Chinese Martial Arts

Nationality: Japanese

Background: Miharu Hirano, Xiaoyu's best friend. She's previously playable as a pallete swap of Xiaoyu in T4 and now comes back in TTT2 with a slightly modified movelist based off Xiaoyu

Character Data

Strategy Guides

  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure
  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure

Gameplay Summary

Writeup By Shauno

First appearing as a clone of Xiaoyu in Tekken 4, Miharu is now her own character in TTT2. For the most part they are very similar to one another, including attack range, move speed and recovery, and damage. By request, this post is now updated with all of the discovered differences between them.

  • She does not have Xiao's RDS f,f+3+4 layout. Instead, in a move called "Miharu's Attack" she throws her rump towards the opponent in a way that gives her a free RDS 1,4 wall splat combo starter for huge TA! damage near a wall if they do not tech the fall. Nothing is free if they do tech it left or right, or are not near a wall. It also has high crush frames for most of the first half of the animation.

This move recovers in RDS, is pretty slow, has zero tracking, and is -14 on block. Miharu does have the front layout, but of course that doesn't transition into an inescapable throw on a standing opponent like the RDS version.

  • The FC d/f+4 minor low attack from Xiaoyu has been replaced by a full sweep that knocks down and leaves the opponent in PLD position. Called "Surprise Sweep", it has decent tracking to at least one side, it crushes all highs and even some mids. It is launch punishable on block.

Miharu recovers standing, and the opponent is able to move_attack almost right away. Miharu still has the AoP version of the old mini sweeps. Making use of this new move is perhaps the main reason to choose her over Xiaoyu.

  • With the new "Doki Doki Elbow", she can optionally fake a Belly Chop into a crumple stun gut punch on normal hit by inputting d/f+1~f+1. This slow move crushes highs initially, and the stun can not be escaped. It also has some initial high crushing frames like the Belly Chop, but the attack comes out so slowly afterwards that you can't use it to dodge highs and get in a free stun.

On hit, she is able to ~5 tag her partner in for a red bar damaging combo if she chooses. It recovers at -14 and tracks decently to her left against side walkers, and tracks single steps pretty well both directions. Despite its name, this move can be parried/reversed just like any normal punch.

  • The double high hits of b+4 for Miharu, which is called "Phoenix Twin Kicks", replaces the mid/high natural combo string of b+4,4 for Xiaoyu. It recovers in RDS unless you hold~b to recover forwards. This is Miha's i14 punisher, and is the version that Xiaoyu had in Tekken 4.

Unlike Xiao's current b+4,4 which recovers at +4 on hit, for Miha it is -2 facing forward and -1 in RDS. It has the same range and about the same damage as Xiao's current version, but more push back on block and hit.

It is unsafe on block no matter which way you recover (-14 in RDS, -17 facing forwards), though at the tip it is hard to fully reach her for some characters. The tracking on this move is excellent - if the first hit whiffs, the quick second attack will almost always connect.

  • Inputting u/f+3+4 will execute the same Shooting Star triple kick attack that Xiao has, but Miharu recovers differently on hit. When it connects, she falls to the ground and slowly gets up, making it impossible to get a free 4~3 on opponent's who don't back tech roll. The exception is if you tag in after the hit during juggles with ~5 since the move still has B! properties.

  • AoP 1+2 is the same attack as Xiaoyu's, but on block it has more push back for Miharu and recovers safely at -10 (Xiao's recovers at -1).

  • Against opponents who stay on the ground, Miharu's d+4 will connect as a stomp instead of a poking low for good damage.

If the opponent rises during the animation (say, after a juggle that ends with a spike like f,f+1), this move will still hit as a low.It does not fully track side rollers, and whether it connects or not Miha will automatically giggle for a period of time, preventing any further significant okizeme.

If the opponent rises as she animates the stomp, they can launch her with anything with good range because even though there is a ton of push back, she recovers at -28 or worse on hit.

  • Miharu has her own version of Xiaoyu's d/f+1+2 throw. Called "Miharu's Unlimited", pushes opponents away as she falls down, so no oki is possible. Also, unlike Xiao's version, this one does not switch places if you are trying to get away from a wall.

With Xiao as Miha's partner, you can ~5 tag throw to switch her in, meaning that Miharu can do red bar damage and safely tag out with the standard 2 tag throw as well as this 1+2 tag throw. Note that Xiaoyu will can not tag in Miharu if she inputs the command, and unlike Xiao's version you can not ~5 tag in Asuka and Lili.

  • Speaking of throws, if Miharu brings in the duffel bag as an item, it allows her to input u+1+4 for a special 1+2 escape throw. She takes out her camera, forces the opponent to pose next to her as they hold up peace signs before they fall down for damage.

The advantage this 1+2 escape throw has over Xiao and Miha's d/f+1+2 throw is that it can be executed from FC, such as after you interrupt an opponent with d/b+1+2, or hit with a non-CH 4~3.

  • Miharu has two adorable new 1+3+4 and 2+3+4 taunts.

  • She also has her own, enthusiastic 1+2+3+4 Ki charge animation.

  • Miha is neutral with everyone when it comes to activating Rage. Xiao gets Rage earlier/later than her with the following partners:

- Likes (+1): Alisa, Heihachi, Jin, Lee, Panda, Wang - Dislikes (-1): Anna, Asuka, Lili, Ogre - Hates (-2): <no one>

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