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Fighting Style: Baji Quan

Nationality: German

Background: Eleonore Kliesen, better known as Leo, first appeared in Tekken 6. Coming from a talented family, Leo wanted to become a spelunker like her father that disappeared when she was a child. One day Leo's mother was killed by an unknown assailant, and when the police quickly called-off their investigation, Leo wanted to find the truth herself. During her investigation, Kazuya Mishima materialized as a person of interest. Leo learned that Kazuya was to appear at the King of the Iron Fist Tournament. Seeking revenge against Kazuya Mishima, Leo decided to enter the contest.

Character Data

Strategy Guides

  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure
  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure

Gameplay Summary

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • High juggle damage, especially with walls.
  • Great whiff punishers.
  • Many mid/low mixup options.


  • No safe launchers, and most of her strong moves also unsafe.
  • Her poke game isn't the best.
  • Lacks a strong 12f punisher.

Top Moves

  • d/f+1_d/f+1,2
  • 1,4
  • d/f+2
  • qcf+1_qcf+4
  • u/f+2,1
  • d/f+2+3
  • d/b+4,1
  • d/b+1+2,1
  • f,f+2
  • b+1+4
  • BOK+2, BOK+1,2, BOK+3



  • 10f - 1,4
  • 13f - u/f+1,2
  • 14f - f+2,2
  • 15f - d/f+2_u/f+4_f,f+2


  • 11f - ws+4
  • 13f - ws+3,1_u/f+1,2
  • 15f - u/f+4
  • 16f - ws+2

Written by lilleboff

General strategy and playstyle:

Leo is usually played like a semi-defensive spacing/whiff punishing character, mainly because of her large range d/f+2 that leads into great damage and wall carry from her juggles. Other commonly used whiff punishers are f,f+2, f+2,2 and f,f+4. Her b+1,4~KNK_f+4~KNK d/f, ws+3 cancels give her some of the longest ranged wall carry in the game, and her ws+1,4,1 wall combo has some of the best wall damage in the game. You also gain the additional benefit of her 50/50 high risk/high reward mixups when your opponent is at the wall, either from standing with d/b+4,1 and a hitconfirmable d/b+1+2,1 or safe u/f+3, or from crouching with FC d/f+3 and ws+2. If your opponent choses to stay grounded and not take the mixup, she has her d+3+4 stomp, which also does good damage. If you want to go safer at the wall, her d/f+2+3 is an excellent low with big frame advantage on hit to mix up with her mids. Parry setups with b+1+2 also become that much more effective at the wall, because it'll wall splat for a full combo. So as a summary, we want our opponents at the wall to utilize her wall damage and mixups. How do we get them there? We space and poke and look for a whiff, punish it with d/f+2 or another launcher and use her long wall carry.

Defense and keepout:

Leo also has really strong tools for keeping people out and stopping agressive play. Her d/f+2, as already mentioned, is great for stopping people coming in. Her 4 gives a full combo on counter hit (CH 4, dash 1) and probably is her best keep out move. BOK+2 can be used as a high crush against jab happy opponents coming in. Other tools for CH and keepout is d+1, b+1 and her 3 parries (b+1+2, b+2+4_b+1+3 and u/b+1). All these moves complement her playstyle as a turtle-ish character focused on spacing and whiff punishing.

Offense, mixups and frame advantage:

Leo also has tools to play more aggressively, both with her pokes, moves giving frame advantage on block and mixups. Her crouchdash (qcf), is a decent way to get in on people, with her qcf+1 being a tracking, highcrushing low with a small frame advantage on hit and her qcf+4_3 being safe mids. Her crouchdash can also go directly into while standing moves, by doing d,D/F (instead of d,d/f,f), giving her a long range 50/50 mixup with cd, FC d/f+3 and CD, ws+2. FC d/f+3 is only -14, so if the opponent doesn't have a 14f ws launcher like Jin, Raven or a Capo (Kazuya ws+1,2 whiffs against it), this mixup is actually extremely good and covers a huge distance. u/f+2,1 is a long ranged, safe on block mid,mid, that also can be used to get in. It's possible to sidestep the last hit to the right, but not many players can do it. Her BOK stance is another option to move forward, with her BOK+2 as a high crush, BOK+3 for frame advantage and tracking, and BOK+1,2 to stop them from interrupting. She has the male version of WR+3, which always is a good move for frame advantage. d/f+1, 1,4, d/f+2+3 and b+1+4 are all great pokes when you're close, and all of them give frame advantage on hit for further pressure. d/b+4,1 is a great move to get them crouching, just be careful not to overuse it. Her throws are also not bad, especially her 1+3 grab giving a free d+4_b+1+4 or oki and her f,f+1+2 throw wall splatting when your back is against the wall.

So those are the basics, see the Tekken Zaibatsu Leo forums for more information and ask questions: http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?forumid=225

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