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Fighting Style: Pro-Wrestling

Nationality: Mexico

Language: Unknown

Background: In The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, King faced Marduk in a grueling battle. A friendship formed between the two after the fight. Upon returning from the ring, Marduk was ambushed by someone dressed as Armor King. King was furious and vowed to find the culprit, but was unsuccessful. After that, the world was engulfed in war, and King had all but given up looking for Marduk's attacker when he received an invitation from Marduk to join him in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. If they both participated in the Tournament, perhaps the Armor King imposter would show up again. With that slight hope, King decided to join the tournament.

Character Data

Strategy Guides

Gameplay Summary

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • - King has the strongest throws in the game
  • - Strong poking, punishment and CH tools
  • - Above average damage potential
  • - Herp derp oki followups from combos


  • - Doesn't have an adequate low to complement all his tools, therefore, he relies on his throws to make opponents duck
  • - Does not fit well with a quite a few characters

Top Moves

  • df+2
  • b+1
  • df+1>2
  • f+3:1+2
  • f+4
  • f,hcf+1 (GS)
  • f,f,F+2+4 (iSW)
  • db,f+2+4 (TS)
  • uf+4
  • FC df+2


Optimal punishers are italicized.


  • i10 - 2,1; f+1,2
  • i12 - b+1,2
  • i13 - df+2
  • i14 - f+2,2; df+1>2
  • i15 - uf+4
  • i16 - b+3


  • i11 - WS 4
  • i14 - WS 2,2
  • i15 - FC df+2(~5), uf+4

King, being a pro-wrestler for a living, excels with his throwgame. He has got a myriad of throws in his arsenal that has so much damage potential. His Tombstone (db,f+2+4) is the strongest throw in game in terms of raw damage (58 damage). Giant Swing (f,hcf+1), a bufferable 10f throw that does 45 damage (when teched on open ground), is crazier when King's back against the wall, as it does 71 damage when he splats the opponent at the wall. His Shining Wizard (f,f,F+2+4) looks nearly exactly like GS and gives nice oki as well. His multithrows, particularly his Arm breaker (CD+1+4), Standing Heel Hold (CD+2+3) and Mexican Magma Strings (JGS 1+4_2+3) are the strongest multis in the game, and it takes precious time on the clock too. And we're not even talking about his bufferable Rock Bottom (FC db, d, DB+1+2), Tijuana Twister (f,hcf+2), and his classic Muscle Buster (qcb+1+2), all throws doing respectable damage.

Not only that, but King doesn't need all those throws to deal great damage as he can also get damage from other things. First, his high and mid pokes are excellent. King's f+3:1+2 attack throw does too good of a damage for a safe mid poke and his f+4 tracks both ways, wallsplats, and has a nice pushbask on block (plus is only -9 which is practically safe against every character except for Kunimitsu). His df+1>2, df+2, b+1 and b+2 strings are all safe and DELAYABLE. You can do a lot of fun things for this strings and they do respectable damage on their own, but adding the part that you can buffer his throws out of it makes it pretty scary. His b+1 can also be used as a CH hunting tool and along with its follow-up (b+1, 2), it becomes his 12f punisher with 41 damage (too good damage off 12f punish, and also the range is fabulous). His CD+4 is also a good CH-hunting mid and his hopknee and FC df+2(~5) are all great launchers which can be used for both punishing and crushing attacks. His plethora of great punishers, CH-hunting tools and his backward JGS (b+3+4), along with his great juggle damage, makes him a great baiting and turtle character.

But with all of his great tools, King's lack of a fast low attack cripples his pressuring game greatly. His db+3 and FC df+1, though useable (and very good on their own), is pretty slow and seeable to be used as a lead low poke, and his ali kick (d+3+4) and df+4 are too risky for their given reward. This glaring weakness hurt his pressure game, as his opponents won't have a reason to duck, where King's mids really shine. It really hurts him too that he'll have a hard time breaking turtling players who can break throws and stay away from his lethal range. King needs to rely on his strong throws to substitute for lows, but as strong as they are, they are not guaranteed damage. So, as a King player, you need to be opportunistic to get all the damage you can get, whether through CH baits, punishes or setups (and his strong damage output on pokes really help) and as pressuring opponents, you should use throws with varying breaks to make your opponent a hard time breaking your throws, or set up your lows to be a threat.

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