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Heihachi Mishima

Fighting Style: Mishima-Style Fighting Karate

Nationality: Japanese

Background: Working as the long-time head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Heihachi Mishima solidified the organization’s foundation. At the same time, however, he ran a top-secret research lab, on the search for a way to understand the aging process and regain his youth. The search for perpetual youth and longevity may have seemed like just a dream, but after years of work, his team of researchers finally completed the rejuvenation serum he sought. "Ha ha ha... Now, eternal youth is finally within my grasp!” Gulping down the serum, the effects became to emerge almost immediately. Within minutes, he had transformed into a younger version of himself, complete with a full head of black hair. “This surging power...! Now I will be invincible!” Just as Heihachi was musing over how to reveal his newfound power to the world, the Tag Tournament announced its opening. “Tag, huh? I think I know just who to choose as my partner.” And with that, the curtain raises on the mysterious Tag Tournament.

Character Data

Strategy Guides

  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure
  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure

Gameplay Summary

Heihachi can be approached from a variety of different ways. He excels at punishing your opponent with such moves as 1,1,2 as well as EWGF, he can however also be extremely aggressive, with a number of strong mids that can leave your opponent in block stun, such as uf+3 - uf+3,4 and f+3. The damage potential within his juggles, as well as his tag-able partner is quite good, considering an EWGF tag combo will eliminate red health. Pushing your opponent to the wall is the strategy with most all characters, however Heihachi is extremely devastating once he gets you there. A large number of his moves leave you in a wall splat if not blocked ( b+4, f+3, f,f+2, uf+4, uf+3,4 with many more ) and lead to a substantial amount of damage.

Heihachi is considered a hard character to master however. His EWGF and OTGF are just frame moves, and take time and skill to execute properly. Playing a Mishima character and not being able to use these moves properly is a severe dis-advantage, as they are made with these moves in mind. Heihachi, as other Mishimas also have a variety of different movement options, such as wave dashing ( f,n,d,df ) which can be scary if mastered as well. From a proper wavedash, Heihachi can mixup any of his lows or mids from a quick motion, having your opponent guessing what will be next. This is however an advanced movement, and is not necessarily needed to play Heihachi competitively, however it is a good discipline to learn.

Heihachi's weakest link lies in his lack of good lows. His db+2 has been significantly buffed for TTT2, however it is launch punishable on block ( - 17 ). Aside from this low you are forced to use db+3 which is horribly unsafe for what little reward is gives, or his hell sweeps which are also launch punishable on block. Again, Heihachi shines with his whiff punishment, which allows you to hammer your opponent with his heavy mids, which again means you need great movement skills to apply him.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • One of the best punishers in the game
  • Strong Mid Game
  • Decent Wall Carry
  • Exceptional Damage in Juggles


  • Not Many Good Lows
  • Can't deal with lows as well as other characters (low parry damage is just average, can't launch -15 lows unless doing CC EWGF which is INCREDIBLY difficult and doesn't have a hopkick)
  • Difficult to Master

Top Moves

  • 1,1,2
  • f+3
  • EWGF
  • OTGF (f,n,df:1)
  • db+2
  • WS+1
  • qcf+2
  • f,f+2
  • f+1+2
  • df+1,2
  • b+4



  • i10 - 1,1,2
  • i12 - f+1+2, d+3_qcf+2_OTGF or 1+2
  • i13 - df+1,2
  • i14 - 3,4 _ EWGF


  • i11 - WS 4,4
  • i15 - WS 1, qcf+2 or CC EWGF

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