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Fighting Style: Sumo-Wrestling

Nationality: Japan

Background: During The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Ganryu lost his way and wound up in the Mishima Zaibatsu's laboratories. He found a disc containing research data concerning a Reforestation Program. He hoped Julia would agree to marry him if he had the data, and he proposed to her. However, Julia turned him down and left with the disc. After that, Ganryu returned to Hawaii and opened a restaurant called 'Chanko Paradise.' But the restaurant did not do well and Ganryu found himself in financial troubles. It was then that he discovered news of another King of Iron Fist Tournament. He decided to participate in the Tournament in order to advertise his restaurant, 'Chanko Paradise.'

Character Data

Strategy Guides

  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure
  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure

Gameplay Summary

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Great mid pokes.
  • Has some of the best lows in the game.
  • Above average wall carry and TA! options.
  • One of the only characters with a i10 W! punisher (headbutt).
  • Top tier FC mix up game (safe lows with relatively safe mid launchers).
  • Great CH character.
  • One of the only characters with a 14 frame launcher from crouching and standing.


  • Slowest jab in the game at 12 frames.
  • No quick mid homing move.
  • Below average movement (big character).
  • Long range game isn't as rewarding as other characters.
  • His wall damage isn't the best.
  • Low crush moves are unconventional and lacking.

Top Moves

  • 1(,2)
  • b+2,1
  • ff+1+2
  • df+3
  • df+2+3 (thunder palm)
  • df+1+2,1
  • b+1
  • uf+2
  • f+2
  • WS 4
  • uf+1+2~d
  • FC mixup (FC d+1, FC 1+2, WS 2, WS 1,2, FC df+2)
  • b,db,d,df+1
  • df+4,1
  • df+2


Best punishers in italics.


  • i10 - headbutt (h, b+1+2), W!
  • i12 - 1,2 (h,h, 26 dmg, +7)
  • i13 - df+1,4 (m,m, 32 dmg , -2)
  • i14 - ff+1+2 (h, 20 dmg, JG, tag bufferable); f+1+2 (h, 40 dmg, W!); 2,1 (h,h, 32 dmg, +8)
  • i16~17 - df+2 (m, 20 dmg, JG)
  • i20 - df+1+2,1 (m,m,m 58 dmg, W!)
  • i22~23 - df+2+3 (thunder palm) (L, 27 dmg)


  • i10 - FC db+1 (sm, 6 dmg, +6)
  • i11 - WS 4 (m, 27 dmg, +5~6)
  • i13 - WS 1,2 (m,L, 36 dmg, -2)
  • i14~15 - FC df+2 (m, 27 dmg, JG)
  • i16 - WS 2 (m, 22 dmg, JG, tag bufferable)

Ganryu is a very simple character to use. He has really good mid pokes in df+1 (safe mid that tracks to Ganryu's left and has a follow up that's NC), df+2 (not-so-standard mid launcher that's only jab punishable that will track to his right), b+2,1 (safe NC m,m poke string that ends with him in FC and also tracks to his right), d+1+2 (chunky mid range move that does a grip of damage and +1 on block, but linear as hell) and df+4,1 (a safe mh jailing NC poke - starts with a knee). He has some of the best lows in the game with df+3, a really awesome tracking low that's only -12 on block, and df+2+3 (thunder palm), a really difficult to see low that gives a mini combo on hit. He possesses a top tier FC mix-up game; it's low risk but medium reward with safe lows such as FC d+1 mixed with taggable launchers such as WS 2 and quick anti hopkick moves like WS 1 (floats hopkicks for full combo). His punishing game is solid with an i10 punisher that knocks down (b+1+2 aka headbutt), a solid 12 frame punisher (1,2 - it does lack range, however) and a 14 frame taggable launcher (ff+1+2). He has sick punishers from crouch as well, with a chunky WS 4 at i11, FC df+2 at i14 and WS 2~5 at i16. He's no slouch in the punishing department at all. He has great wall carry and TA options with df+4,1,2 in open field (as a TA filler or a solo B! ender), and 3,4,4 at the wall (as a TA filler). His wall game is above average. He has headbutt which wallsplats at i10. He has f+1+2 which does retarded damage and wallsplats. df+1+2,1 is a hit confirmable string which is a bit slow but wallsplats for massive damage. His 1 on CH leads to a free headbutt. uf+1 on crouching opponent leads to a free headbutt. His FC game is even better at the wall, because his safe lows can really annoy someone, and to catch them from crouching he has safe mids that will wallsplat for huge chunks of their life. He is also really good at frame trapping and getting CH's. His headbutt on CH leads to a free f+3+4 which is retarded amount of damage for something that is so fast. His standing 1 jab on CH gives a free headbutt as mentioned above. His standing jab is +3 on block compared to everyone else's jab which is either +1 or less (in case of Jacks and Asuka) on block, which allows him to use these frametraps in his game, and if they choose to stand there he can continue with his poke game.

Where he kinda lacks in is speed. He has the slowest jab in the game at 12 frames (well Jack's 1 would be slower, but then Ganryu's 2 is slower again at i14). His fastest mid is 13 frames (isn't too far off from standard df+4's which are i12 but still) with df+1 - his df+1 is also -5 on block compared to the standard -1~2. He has no i10 move except for headbutt and generic down jab. So you need to keep that in mind because you will have to be a bit more patient if you're on the receiving end of pressure from other characters. He does not have a quick mid homing move. His fastest mid homing move is uf+2 and that is at i21. He has df+1 to cover his left, and f+2 and b+2,1 to cover his right, but in general he has to guess your sidesteps, or commit to a low or a high in df+3 or ff+1+2 respectively to catch your sidesteps. Also, his long range game isn't the best. He has f+2 and d+2 pretty much. You can play turtly at long/mid range and it's really good because he has ff+1+2 and f+1+2 which will punish almost any whiff (or if they recover crouching, df+2 if in range) but his offense isn't at good at that far range unlike Bryan who can just keep you out all day. His low crushes are pretty trash. His uf+4 is REALLY slow and doesn't launch, and so does uf+3. He has uf+1+2~d (the FC recovering version recovers quicker and at max range is + frames on block) but it's a bit slow for a low crush that doesn't reward you as much as a hopkick. It's a good way to come in with a move straight into FC mixups. His uf+1 is only good against the wall, because on crouchers it guarantees a headbutt. Overall, your yomi game needs to be good and your punishing game needs to be solid to be able to succeed with Ganryu. He is not a difficult character to play at all, very simple and easy to learn, but with a lot of potential.

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