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Christie Monteiro

Fighting Style: Capoeira

Nationality: Brazil

Background: Christie was unable to win The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. She was struggling to discover a way to save her grandfather when Eddy, who had been by her side, suddenly vanished. She searched everywhere but was unable to find him. Ultimately, she was left with no choice but to return to Brazil alone. Christie continued her search for Eddy upon returning to Brazil, when surprisingly her grandfather also disappeared from the hospital. The hospital said that Christie's grandfather had been sent to the Mishima Zaibatsu for treatment. Christie figured that Eddy acted against the Mishima Zaibatsu in the same manner, but in that case she should have gotten some communication from him. She could not help but feel that there must be something sinister behind Eddy's disappearance. When The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 was announced, Christie headed for Japan to get in contact with the Mishima Zaibatsu and to find out where Eddy and her grandfather had gone.

Character Data

Strategy Guides

  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure
  • Use Armor King as example
  • for path and link structure

Gameplay Summary

Strengths and Weaknesses


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  • Strengths
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  • Weaknesses
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Top Moves

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  • Moves
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  • i10 1,2 +4
  • i12 1+2 +4, f+2,1 +2
  • i13 df+1,1 +8 b+3,f -1
  • i14 df+2 +22
  • i16 df+3+4 +18


  • i11 ws+4 +8
  • i13 ws+1,3 +29
  • i15 ws+2 +20
  • i19 ws+3 +22

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