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Bryan Fury

Fighting Style: Kickboxing

Nationality: USA

Background: Bryan entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 in order to test his newly acquired perpetual generator. However, time after time Yoshimitsu got in the way. Gaining ultimate power by obtaining the perpetual generator but unable to test it, Bryan became extremely frustrated. Unable to contain his desire for destruction, Bryan traveled the world's battlefields and wreaked havoc indiscriminately. He eventually grew tired of the unchanging battlefields. It was at that time that The King of Iron Fist 6 was announced. Hungry for more capable prey, Bryan headed for the Tournament.

Character Data

Strategy Guides

Gameplay Summary

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Range - Thanks to his tools Bryan excels in the range department, this somewhat compensates him on maps without walls where taunt b+4's aren't possible

  • Taunt - One of the most unique moves in the game, Bryan's 1+3+4 gives him an unblockable into a juggle starter among other things

  • Wall Carry - While his wall carry isn't on par with Nina, Bruce and Lee, his wall carry is over average with b+3~F+4,1,2 allowing him to implement his taunt okizeme game at walls

  • Jet Upper - Bryan is one of the few characters in the game with a 14 frame punisher that launches


  • Lack of a strong 12 frame punisher - All Bryan has from 10 to until 13 is 2,3 and 1,4 making him lackluster in that respect

  • No Strong Panic Buttons - As a Bryan user you'll have to develop a solid defense, having no hopkick or any reliable go to move to keep people off you makes Bryan demand that you have solid fundamentals in general

Top Moves

  • 1+3+4
  • 3,2,1
  • 4
  • b+1
  • b+4
  • d/b+3
  • d+4
  • d/f+1,1,1,1 hit confirm into 2
  • d/f+2,1
  • f+3
  • f,b+2
  • f,f+2
  • f,f+4
  • qcb+2,4
  • qcb+3
  • qcb+4



  • 10 - 1,4 and 2,3
  • 13 - d/f+2,1
  • 14 - f,b+2
  • 15 - f+2,1,4


  • 10 - ws+1+2
  • 11 - ws+4
  • 12 - ws+3
  • 15 - ws+1

Summary Of Bryan Fury
Bryan is generally seen as a character capable of extremely high damage, his juggle damage is acceptable and his poking tools also do a large amount too, he operates very well at long ranges since he doesn't suffer from any particular range issues, this ties in with how effective he is at whiff punishing, via Jet Upper(f,b+2) or after sidewalking he in a lot of cases can get 3,3,2 on backturned opponents for a launch for extremely high damage.
His wall carry is also decent and his wall game is a force to be reckoned with thanks to the threat of taunt, compared to Tekken 6 his taunt game has been fairly castrated with the introduction of Tag Crash but it still has its use at walls and is enough to stifle people into making silly mistakes. Taunt into b+4 if you catch a tech roller will guarantee a f,b+2 since the wall stops them going out of your range so you yield a full juggle.
Bryan's weak points are that once somebody is on him with good offensive tools you're going to rely mostly on fundamentals, since his Orbital Heel(u/f+4) you can get jabbed out of easily for a full juggle, he lacks a hopkick as well and to move with him you're going to have to learn how to Backdash cancel the proper way, as opposed to the qcb,b method that is so popular now, this is a result of him being a backsway character alongside the likes of Nina and Paul, but this isn't particularly important once you get your fundamentals down.

Moves And At What Range
There is a gray area when it comes to Bryan and what moves you are using and at what range but a lot of rule of thumbs apply to Bryan it seems, people tend to utilize Bryan's move set in different ways and still have a moderate amount of success as long as there's a degree of logic behind their reasoning, I have formed a Thread collecting responses from people covering this so people can decide themselves how they wish to use his moves at what range, what works for one person won't always necessarily work for another but this is a good starting point for people to get a rough idea about what they should try to get a feel for this character.

Being an extremely unique move in Tekken, Taunt tends to be what attracts a lot of players towards Bryan, it can be a game-changer, however there is a time and a place as previously mentioned for its use, being able to consistently do Taunt into f+2,1,4 is seen as a good enough pressure tool to occasionally throw out, Jet Upper follow-ups are extremely hard to learn and there's a good chance if you don't naturally combo Jet Upper off the taunt, you are going to get launched, for this reason it's widely agreed by the Bryan community on TekkenZaibatsu that it's a lot more important to invest time understanding Bryan as a whole than investing time just into Taunt, it's an amazing tool he has but being able to do his Magic 4 combos, b+4 into ff+2, bind with ff+4 all yield bonuses that are much more important the majority of the time, regardless of how amazing it feels to Taunt Jet Upper someone from one country to another.

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