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Baek Doo San

Fighting Style: Tae Kwon Do

Nationality: Korea

Background: Baek joined The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 along with his apprentice, Hwoarang. However, after learning that Hwoarang had been critically injured after losing to his rival, Jin Kazama, Baek withdrew from the Tournament and hurried to the hospital. Emergency measures taken had saved Hwoarang's life, but he had not yet awakened. Baek was wrought with guilt that he had failed to prepare Hwoarang for his encounter with Jin. Ultimately, Hwoarang woke up three days later. After learning of the events that had passed, Hwoarang forced himself up and begged his mentor to make him stronger. Hwoarang begged his master with more humility than he had ever shown before. Baek, sensing the intensity of Hwoarang's will, decided to teach everything he knew to his pupil. After returning to Korea, Baek engaged Hwoarang in the most extreme training he had ever provided. The Mishima Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, and Baek prepared himself for his ultimate battle.

Character Data

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Gameplay Summary

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • - Flamingo stance is his best offensive option. He can cancel about all of his left kick moves into FLA for mix-up.
  • - Has good pokes.
  • - Above average solo juggles.
  • - Strong wall damage, both solo and Tag Asaault.
  • - Solid mid game, both in Flamingo and out of it.


  • - Frames are mostly never on his side.
  • - His punishers are just decent, not really scary, and lack range.
  • - Flamingo cancels count as CH, so if your opponent reads your cancel, you're dead.
  • - You should be able to read and outwit your opponent, which can be a problem if your opponent knows the flaws in your strings.
  • - Has no good fast low poke with advantage on hit.
  • - Tag Assault stuff in the open field is either garbage damage or too difficult to execute in tournament matches.

Top Moves

  • 1,2 and subsequent strings and cancels
  • ff+4
  • b+3
  • db+3,3~f
  • d+3
  • df+3 (~f)
  • df+4,4
  • FLA f+3
  • SSL 3
  • FLA 3,3~f


Best punishers are in italics.


  • 10F - 1,1; 1,2(,3~f); 2,2; 2,3
  • 12F - 4,3,3~f
  • 13F - df+1,3
  • 14F - 1+2,4
  • 15F - df+2
  • 16F - b+4
  • 18F - db+2
  • 19F - CD+3


  • 11F - WS 4,4,3~f
  • 13F - WS 1,3
  • 15F - WS 2,1

Baek's primary offense tool is his FLA (Flamingo) stance. He, unlike Hwoarang, is able to do any move out of his regular movelist when in FLA, other than FLA-specific moves such as FLA f+3, FLA b+3, FLA f+4, FLA 3 and subsequent strings, and FLA uf+3, which is his only fast low crush option out of FLA. Baek has the option to cancel a move into FLA if it has a left kick in it, by pressing forward. New Baek players must learn to not be caught in the inactive window that cancelling FLA too early puts them in, as hits on them will be counted as a CH, which can be quite painful. Another one of Baek's scary options is df+3, which is his longest reaching move. He can cancel it for more FLA mindgames, or let it loose for hunting for CH, or go for a wallsplat option, as df+3,4 is his strongest W! option, with a painful wall combo afterwards. df+3~f is known as FLA WaveDash, and requires careful spacing and extreme practice to make it effective in any level of play. His juggle damage is solid, not too over the top, and has better than average wall carry, with moves such as 3+4, which can be cancelled into FLA and then done again for his most damaging and longest wall carry option, and his standard jabs into FLA, which takes a little step forward, allowing following jabs to connect. He has an air-throw similar to Hwoarang. His wall damage is also above average, with his unblockable (db+3+4) hitting the ground, used as a stay-down catch. Baek's oki game is scary, with db+3,3~f acting as a float option, d+4,3,3,3~f as a twitch catch options, d+2 if they stay on the ground and his unblockable which also hits the ground. He has a low sweep which is barely seeable (db+4) which gives a decent juggle on hit, but is death on block.

The problem with Baek is that frames are not on his side a lot of the time. There are moves such as d+4,3,3,d+3, df+4,4,3 and FLA 3,4,4,3 which give his -3 on hit and are -14 on block (d+4,3,3,d+3 is -17 and gives -6 on hit) which makes his string mid-low mix-ups horrible. Baek also has only 3 moves that give him any advantage on block (uf+2, fff+3 and 3+4~f) but all are horribly linear. The way that Baek can mix-up is by utilizing cancels in strings, but if the opponent predicts a cancel and attacks, Baek will receive a CH, which can be very painful depending on who Baek's opponent is. His 2,2 (his strongest 10 frame punisher) also gives him negative frames on hit and is punishable on block, which makes his punishing rather below average, seeing as he would have to ignore damage for being able to mount an offense. Baek's tracking is also not good, and most high level players tend to not play very stringy at all, as they have highs and sidesteppable areas in them. This weakness can, however, be turned into an advantage by ending strings before those parts come up, see them reacting to the kicks that aren't coming, and then punish them for it by his juggles. He also has no unreversible moves, as all of his moves are either punches or kicks, which makes his life a little hard against reversal-happy players. He also has no fast low pokes which can allow him to start his offense. db+3 is 18 frames, and while it does give an advantage on hit and FLA cancel, it's rather slow for a low poke. d+4 and d+3 give him -3 on hit, which is very bad for a low poke. This makes it really hard for Baek to get his opponents ducking against him. His 15 frame launcher, df+2, has phantom range, but it's still impossible for him to punish moves such as Deathfist on max range without taking a risk himself. He also cannot punish moves such as Kuma's ff+2 because of pushback. To be able to succeed with Baek, it's very, very important to be able to manipulate your opponent, and be seconds ahead of them. If a Baek player becomes predictable, he will fail, as Baek is bad in terms of frames and advantages and disadvantages. Baek also had just average keepout, his main keepout being his magic 4 and b+3. His magic 4 gives a good juggle considering its ease and b+3 is his natural FLA transition which has a built in SSR in it, and if used with natural SSR can actually evade a whole lot of stuff, exposing the opponent's back to Baek. Baek needs to be able to stick to his opponent, because he has below-average range for his stuff, but when he does get near, it's a scary, unpredictable time for the opponent, with his low pokes, sweep, mid pokes and his throw out of FLA (f+2+3) doing solid damage, giving him a decent mix-up game.

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