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Fighting Style: Pro-Wrestling

Nationality: Unknown

Background: A mysterious wrestler in a black jaguar mask and steel armor, Armor King disappeared after suddenly attacking Craig Marduk during The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. His identity is still a mystery...

Character Data

Strategy Guides

Gameplay Summary

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Armor King have some of the best throws King has
  • He does have good lows to complement his high and mid pokes
  • Have nice wavedash and oki options


  • Although he have nice collection of tools, nothing particularly shines about his game.
  • Weak Tracking in general
  • Most key moves are high and easily ducked for launch.

Top Moves

  • 2, 1
  • df+1
  • db+3
  • f+2, 1
  • fff+3
  • cd 2 (DU)
  • f, hcf 1 (GS)
  • WR 2+4 (iSW)
  • db, F+2+4 (TS)
  • uf+4



  • 10f - 2,1
  • 12f - b+1, 2
  • 14f - DU, f+1+4 (train)
  • 15f - u/f+4


  • 11f - ws 4
  • 15f - u/f+4
  • 16f - ws1

Though he's a pro-wrestler too, Armor King generally have a different style compared to King, as he also have vicious strikes to help his throwing game. Unlike King, Armor King feels more like a faster character with his fast pokes that greatly complement his throw game. He still have some of King's best throws, like his Tombstone (db, F+2+4, still 58 damage), and a different animated Giant Swing (f, hcf 1, 45 damage when teched, 71 with wallsplat). He also have a different FC db, d, DB+1+2 throw (still 45 damage though), different Shining Wizard (fff+2+4, with weaker oki), and Go to Sleep (qcb 1+2, though it makes less damage and gives weaker oki). His Choke Sleeper Multithrow (cd 1+4_2+3) also does decent damage but is nowhere comparable with King's in terms of damage potential. But with his lesser array of throws, he makes up for great pokes and oki. Unlike King, AK does have low pokes with his arsenal, having a d+3, d+4 and db+3 that's fast enough and compliments his high and mid pokes. df+1 is a great mid gut punch that gives +frames on hit and f+2, 1 is also a nice hitconfirmable mid-high string that wallsplats. Along with his WR 3 frame trap and vicious oki options makes AK a more suited wrestler for pressuring the opponent.

One of another good thing AK has is he have a proper mishima wave dash. He can easily get close to his opponents in distance because of it, and his options aren't shabby either. Aside for his choke sleeper multi, Armor king also have a Dark Uppercut (cd 2), basically a poor man's EWGF. Though it isn't completely safe, DU remains one of the moves Armor King needs to throw out, especially showing how much the potential damage it can give. He also have some other options out of wavedash like his asian mist (cd 1+2 , it's a high unblockable), ff+3 (tracks well and gives a guaranteed groundthrow), ff+4 (gives nice pushback), and cd 1 clothesline (covers a big area and is pretty good at dealing with too aggressive opponents).

All of his stuff seems pretty good until you realize one problem of his, that he is too well-rounded, nothing particularly shines about his tools. His well-roundedness can be a problem, as some of his tools, though good, are not as excellent compared to king, or a mishima. You can play him just like king, using pokes and buffered Giant swings and turtling and punishing stuff, but then having a smaller variety of throws, less punishers and less-than-king damage potential can be frustrating at times. Yet, playing him like a aggressive mishima is hard since his wavedash doesn't have any quick damaging lows or a frame-trap mid, making many of his options out of wavedash duckable (and his DU not being EWGF hurts too). It hurts too that most of his good tools can be answered by ducking or sidestepping, and can be punished hard. So, as a Armor King player, you need to be able to constantly switch and balance your playstyle as possible and be wise when to use your tools, especially when the circumstances called you to, so you could use the most of them. You need to be able to turtle and punish stuff that's been thrown to you yet be aggressive enough and take use of his arsenal of fast pokes.

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