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You go to a tekken forum and ask people for some strategies and ended up confused because we speak alien... (Weird nerds we are huh...) Anyway, I don't know what kind of alien language we're saying but at least this mini Tekken/Urban Dictionary might help you understand some of it...

(Reference from Tiexandria's Tekken Jargon. Used and modified with permission. Updated continually.)



Term Definition
aircombo see [juggle]
active frames the time (measured in frames) where the a move's damage actually gets inflicted to the opponent. Normally it only has one frame interval but some moves will have bigger active frame window, which affects the property of an attack on different situations.
AGF "animal godfist", a move done by Roger Jr. (cd+1)
airGS refers King and Armor King's "Giant Swing" done as an air throw. (f, hcf 1)
AK an abbreviation for the character Armor King.
AKS "Animal Kick Stance", done by Roger. (db+4)
ALB "Albatross Spin", a move by Steve. It has a fair amount of follow-ups and useful in oki, pressure and juggles. (3+4)
ali kick common name for King's "Stagger Kicks" (d+3+4 and follow-ups)
ancient power a name for Ancient Ogre's reversal
AOP "Art of Phoenix", a stance done by Xiaoyu (d+1+2)
AP 1. "auto-parry", a property of some stances/moves that parries/reverses specific attacks.

2. "Astral Projection", a stance done by Jinpachi (f+3+4_b+3+4)

asian mist refers to Armor King's cd 1+2.
assrape refer's to Ganryu's "Pedal Press", his throw against back turned opponents (d+1+2 on BT opponent)


Term Definition
B! see [Bound]
BAL "Spinning Ball" Stance, done by Bob. (f+3+4)
backflip evasive maneuvers done by some characters that evades opposing characters by doins some sort of jumping maneuver, usually done with ub~b
bad breath 1. refers to some character's moves where they spit a colored acid from their mouths.

2. Another name for Nina's "Evil Mist" (db, d, df, f, uf, DB+2+3)

3. A move done by Yoshimitsu (db+1+2, 1_2)

bandwagoner 1. members who just go with the flow for the sake of belongingness

2. tekken players who choose only the "best" tekken characters no matter who they are

BB can be:

1. "Blonde Bomb", a move done by Nina (f+1+2)

2. "Booty Bomb", a move done by Anna (f+2+3)

BDC Backdash Canceling, a technique where the player tap db to cancel a backdash. It's needed to get rid of a slow part of the backdash where the player cannot block.
bigs refers to very large characters, like Marduk, Jack etc.
BK "blazing kick", a move done by Lee (d, db+4)
blade another name for Raven; coined because of his resemblance to the popular movie vampire-hunter.
block stun refers to your character staggering after blocking a opponent's attack. The staggering character can't do anything on the block stun animation, making any move he does next to be slower.
"bob" "boy on bike", a nickname for Hwoarang before T6.
BOK "Bokuho" Stance, done by Leo (d+1+2)
Bound Attack that slams your opponent in the floor, making them "bounce" and letting you continue the combo.
bow and arrow A signature string done by Julia (FC df4, 3).
BR "Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion"
BRG "Bridge" Stance, done by Jaycee (db+1+2)
broken 1. Refers to moves that have been nullified by specific actions (i.e. throw-breaking or chikening)

2. A word that is used for moves that are either weak or too overpowered

BTP "Bear Twin Pistons", a move shared by Kuma and Panda. (df+2,1)
buff to strengthen a move for the sake of balance
#BuffLars 1. A meme which requests buffs for Lars gameplay and design wise... Dude plays crap...

2. "Tekken is dead because Lars is nerfed. Namco, buff Lars pls. #BUFFLARS" Aventine


buffering 1. the art of moving the directional pad or joystick during the recovery time of a previous move and still have it registered. Works only with certain moves.

2. the practice of holding a button while pressing another one, and in effect, it registers as a command where both buttons were pressed.

BURN IN HELL NEWBIE!!! A common greeting to newcomers at Tekken Zaibatsu, often mistaken as rudeness. A perfect symbol for tough love attitude of Tekken players.
bulldog see [pitbull]


Term Definition
cabinet another word for the arcade game machine
cali roll A shortened name for Xiaoyu's "California Roll". Important for doing resets. (RDS f+3+4)
can-can kicks another name for Jin & Devil Jin's "Double Lift Kicks", and Asuka & Jun's "Purple Cloud Kicks" (d3+4)
capos characters who use the art of capoeira. see [chreddy]
CAT "Catastrophe", a more common abbreviation for Anna's "Chaos Judgment" Stance. (b+3)
cc "Crouch Cancel", done by doing ff when on crouch status to be able to do normal moves quicker. Very useful in juggles.
CCC "Chit Chat Cafe", a forum section on Tekken Zaibatsu.
cd an acronym for "Crouch Dash". Can be done by select characters by doing f, n, d, df.
CDS "Crouching Demon Stance", done by Jin (b+1_d+1+2)
CES "Clockwise Evasive Spin", a stance done by Jaycee and Michelle (3+4_u+3+4_d+3+4)
CH A abbreviation for "Counter Hit" [see counter/counterhit]
chains A shortened name for "Chains of Misery", a throw done by Bryan (FC df,d,df1+2)
chainsaw 1. moves make use of Alisa's chainsaws

2. another name for Alisa's "Destroy Form" Stance

charge can refer to:

1. Each character's Supercharge (1+2+3+4). It lets the player's first hit after supercharge register as a counterhit, but the player won't be able to block and the hit he/she will take will register as a counterhit.

2. Jinpachi's "Charge" Stance. Doneby pressing d+3+4.

cheese/cheesy refers to moves/tactics that are easy to do, but damaging/broken.
cheese knees another name for Bruce's "Knee Blast" to "Knee Lounge" (b4,3,4)
chicken 1. a move that prevents the reversal

2. a word that is used when you reverse a opponent's reversal. coined for the bug of earlier tekken games where the announcer says "Chicken!" when you do such thing.

chreddy an abbreviation for "Christie & Eddy"
CJM "Chaos Judgment" Stance. Done by Anna. (b+3)
class (number) A common classification for tag launchers. It usually describe a tag launcher on how high it brings the opponent in the air. It's important for combos since a different class of launcher requires a different kind of combo.
club punch another name for Steve's "Eagle Claw" (ff2)
CNRK "Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick" a alternative name for Jin's db3
counter/counterhit A description where you hit your opponent when he/she/it's still starting an attack. Getting this would cause higher damage output on your attack and different properties on your favor depending on your attack.
CRA "Art of Crane", a stance done by Lei.
crush a property where a move will be invincible to a specific kind of attack in a certain frame/s.


Term Definition
deathmatch A really long duel/series of matches by two players. Only stops when someone runs out of money. Promotions and Demotions are common.
demoman abbreviation used for Paul's 'Demolition Man' (d4, 2 :1+2)
DBT "Dual Boot", done by Alisa (DES f+3+4)
DC "Divine Cannon", a move done by Nina (db+3+4)
DCK "Ducking" Stance, done by Steve (f+3_f+4)
DCK cancel The method of cancelling Steve's Ducking into FC by tapping db in the middle of the animation. Useful in combos where Steve needs to use his WS 1, 2 B!.
DE/DEN "Dynamic Entry" stance, done by Lars (f+3)
debug a shortened term for Jack's "Debugger" (b, db, d, df+1)
dempsey roll A term called for Steve's Cobra weave and its follow ups. A move that has a special place for Hajime no Ippo fans (PAB df 3+4~F)
DES "Destroy Form" Stance, done by Alisa (d+1+2)
DEWGF "dashed electric wind godfist", see [EWGF]
DEWHF "dashed electric wind hookfist", see [EWHF]
DF "Death Fist", another name used for Paul's 'Phoenix Smasher' (qcf 2)
DFS "Dragon Fake Step", done by Law (b+1+2)
DGF "Dragonfly" Stance, done by Yoshimitsu (u+1+2)
double post a strange occurence that happens when a forum member of tekken zaibatsu registers a single post twice
DJ an abbreviation for the name of Devil Jin
DR "Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection"
drag an abbreviation for the name of Dragunov
DSS "Dragon Sign Stance" done by Marshall Law (d+1+2)
DRU "Drunken Master Walk", a stance done by Lei (f+3+4)
DU "Dark Uppercut", a move done by Armor King (cd 2)
DUS "Dust Ton", a special stance done by Kunimitsu (d+1+2)
duck to crouch


Term Definition
eat to get hit directly by a move
elbow 1. another name used for Julia's 'Party Crasher'

2. another name used for Anna's 'Assassin Dagger' 3. Generic name for any elbow-hitting move used to distinguish their property of being unparriable and unreversable

EM "evil mist", a move done by Nina. see [bad breath]
embu a short video or clip that features certain characters performing a solo display of their fighting arts and moves, embus were seen in Tekken 3 and 4
EMGF another name used for Jack-5's just frame "Megaton Uppercut"
emo emotional
EOD "End of Dreams", Devil Jin's new throw in T5DR (f, hcf 1+2)
eSS "electric sidestep", a quicker way of doing a normal sidestep
EWGF "Electric Wind Godfist", a move done by Heihachi, Kazuya, Devil JIn and Angel (cd 2 done quickly and precisely)
EWHF "Electric Wind Hook Fist", a move done by Jin (cd 2 done quickly and precisely)
EXT DCK "Extended Ducking" Stance, done by Steve (f+3~F_f+4~F)


Term Definition
F! "Floorbreak" , happens when the opponent gets spike through a breakable floor, bring both of you in a different part of stage. Useful in combos.
FAC "Fan Art Central" , a forum section on Tekken Zaibatsu
fanboy a male player that admires certain female characters of the game
fangirl a female player that admires certain male characters of the game
FC "Full Crouch", a name for the movement status where you're crouching (it's not when your character is starting to crouch or getting up from crouch). Many generic move as well as character specific moves can be accessed here.
FCDs "Facedown stance", refers to Lei's ground stance on the Face Down position
FLA "Flamingo" Stance, done by Baek (b+3)
FLA SS "Flamingo Sidestep", refers to Baek's quick side step to the right while in Flamingo Stance (FLA [3] f,b+4)
flash refers to Yoshimitsu's "Sword Flash" (1+4). It's his signature parry-like move that gives a juggle.
FLE "Flea" Stance, done by Yoshimitsu (d+1+2)
FLK "Flicker" Stance, done by Steve (b+3+4)
float to pick up an opponent off the mat for free juggles for any situation or reason other than getting hit with a launcher (i.e. getting interrupted with a jab during a jumping move or getting hit during a backroll)
foxstep a move that can be done both when you're facing an opponent or when your back is facing your opponent
frame a unit of time used for accurately measuring tekken-related speeds; it is important to note that tekken currently runs on 60 frames per second
free hit a move that is sure to succeed when done at the proper time
FFD "Fan Fiction Depot" , a forum section on Tekken Zaibatsu
FR "falling rain", a throw done by Asuka and Jun. (FC df, d, df+1+2)
ft(insert number) competitions with a "first to" condition, such as "first to 5 matches" or "first to 10 matches"
FTP "file transfer protocol"
FTW "for the win"
FWR "Forward Roll" stance, done by Jaycee (f+3)


Term Definition
GB "guard break"
GD "General Discussions", sections of their respecting games on Tekken Zaibatsu
GEN "Genjutsu" Stance, done by Jun (b+3+4)
getup kick All kicks done from any knockdown position.
greenhorn see [newbie]
groundgame The art of beating the hell outta someone when the opposing character is lying on the ground.
GS "Giant Swing", a move done by King, Armor King and Roger Jr. (f, hcf 1)
GS2 Another name for King's "Tijuana Twister". Named accordingly because of almost similar input and bufferability as GS. (f, hcf 2)
GT ground throws
GTS "Go to Sleep", another name for Armor King's "Hades Drop" (qcb 1+2)


Term Definition
haha step refers to Lei's BT step cancels. Used to move quickly and dodge certain attacks. (b3+4~b, b+3+4~db)
halberd A different version of Baek's FLA 3+4, which must be used to combo 3+4 multiple times in a row (FLA [3]+4~f)
Halloween Combo The instance when both of your opponent's characters get caught in your combo. Usually happens when opponent's trying to raw tag.
Happy Birthday! The original term for Halloween Combo, mainly used by Marvel players.
harakiri Moves by yoshimitsu where he turns around and stabs himself, while trying to stab along his ooponent as well. Does great damage to the opponent if hits, but also damages you. Useful when trying to get a comeback.
hayashida step see [snakestep]
HAZ "Haze" Stance, done by Raven (3+4)
HBS "Hunting Bear Stance", done by Kuma and Panda (3+4)
HC "Hit Corfirmable", refers to a string property that say it's possible to hit confirm a specific natural combo string. [see hit-confirm]
hcb "Half Circle Back", refers to the joystick motion where you roll it from forward to back. Input is f,df,d,,db,b
hcf "Half Circle Forward", refers to the joystick motion where you roll it from back to forward. Input is b,db,d,df,f
hei an abbreviation for the name of Heihachi
hellsweep 1. a name for Jin, Devil Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya and Bob's lows from crouch dash (cd 4)

2. a name for some character's lows that are really quick.

hit-confirm the art of doing the guaranteed followup of a string DURING the time of first part of the string hits.
HMS "Hit Man Stance", done by Lee (3+4)
HS see [hellsweep]
HSP "Handstand Position", a stance done by Eddy, Christie and Tiger. Comes out after alot of their moves.
hunting low name given to the second hit of Nina's and Anna's 'Can Opener'
HYP a abbreviation for Xiaoyu's "Hypnotist Walk" Stance


Term Definition
i(move name) "instant (move name)" a move that must be done as instant as possible
i(number) the number of frames it takes for a move to do its fastest possible execution speed.
IIRC "if I remember correctly"
IMO "in my opinion"
infinite kicks refers to Lee/Violet and Ancient Ogre's WS 3, 3 strings that can continue whenever the player wants.
INS "Indian Sit", done by Yoshimitsu (d+3+4)
Irish Whip refers to King's b+1+2 and its followups.
ISS "ice skate step", see [eSS]
iSW "instant Shining Wizard", a general name for King, Armor King, Jaycee, Michelle and Lars' throws/airthrows (fff 2+4)
Ivory Cutter A signature move by Nina. Can be done by pressing 1+4.
iWS "instant While Standing", a quick way to have access to While Standing Moves. Done by either doing d,df,n_d,db,n or tapping d/b in a precise amount of time.
IZU "Izumo" Stance, done by Jun (f+3+4)


Term Definition
jackhammer A signature throw performed by Marduk (f hcf 1)
jail A move property where a string locks the opponent into a blocking state after the first blocked hit, regardless of them trying to move, duck, evade or attack.
JF A acronym for "Just Frame". commonly used as a prefix e.g. JFSR, JF demoman etc. see [just frame]
JFSR "Just Frame Sky Rocket", a move done by Hwoarang (f~n~df: 4)
JGS 1. "Jaguar Step", done by King (3+4_b+3+4)

2. "juggle-starter", see [launcher]

juggle generally accepted term for the art and practice of hitting an opponent while he is stranded on air
juggle ender a move or series of moves that is used to end a juggling combo, usually powerful and/or long-range moves
juggle starter see [launcher]
jump status a movement status where your character is technically not on the ground. You can get easily floated for a juggle when you're on this status. Some move go to jump status in their animation, meaning there's a risk of you getting floated for a juggle.
junkyard refers to Marshall and Forest Law's Junkyard string (b2 and follow ups). A very useful string for the Laws...
just frame indicates that the move have only one frame window to perform correctly (it has a very strict execution). Usually, these moves have special properties that set them apart from the other moves.


Term Definition
Kappa/Kappa.png a famous twitch emoticon expressing the message in a sarcastic manner.
kaz an abbreviation for the name of Kazuya
KBD "korean backdash", another name for back-dash cancelling [see BDC]
KIN "Kincho" Stance, done by Yoshimitsu (1+2)
KNDs "Knockdown" stance, refers to Lei's ground stance from the Knockdown position
KNK "Kinkei" Stance, a transition stance by Leo. Only accessible after certain moves.
KNP "Kenpo Step" stance, done by Feng (b+3+4)
kumite 1. a controller that is used for the sole purpose of practice mode -

2. a rare time where the player in an arcade does not get up from the arcade machine whether or not he wins, usually happens when there are visits by notable players from another area to challenge the local players

kuni an abbreviation used for the name of Kunimitsu


Term Definition
launcher a move or a combination of moves that gets the opponent into the air and sets him/her up for a juggle
LC "laser cannon", a move string done by Devil Jin (b, f+2, 1, 2)
LD "light dash"
LEWGF "Light Dashed Electric Wind Godfist" see [EWGF]
LFF "Left Foot Forward", refers to Hwoarang's Orthodox (Ragular) Stance. This is his stance from the start of the match. (you can switch stances by inputting 3+4)
LFS "Left Flamingo Stance", done by Hwoarang. (LFF f+3)
LMAO "laugh my ass off"
low parry A universal parry that puts opponents to bound status when they attempted to do a low move (giving you a mini-juggle opportunity). Can be done by tapping df.
LS "laser scraper", a move string done by Devil Jin (b, f+2, 1, df+2)
LWV "Left Weave", a evasive stance by Steve (3)


Term Definition
MA "Mad Axes", a move done by Michelle (and Julia previously) (qcb F+2)
magic 4 represents the basic 4 kick of some characters that have the ability to launch on counter hit, called magic because of its unusual nature.
manboot another name used for Paul's 'Solar Plexus' (df+4)
mash to randomly hit buttons without any idea of their sequences and consequences
masher a player who mashes buttons at a regular basis, see [mash]
matterhorn name for Lili's d+3+4, her taggable launcher that lauches high, crushes good but highly punishable.
MC "mountain crusher", a move string done by Julia (df+4, 2, b~f+1)
MED "Meditation" Stance, done by Yoshimitsu (3+4)
MF "match finder" forum section on Tekken Zaibatsu
mist step "mist step", a move done by Kazuya and Lee
mix-up a series of moves available for characters that enable you to alternate your combo, so that you can keep your opponent guessing
mirror match a fight where the players use the same character/s
MNT "Mantis" stance, done by Zafina (d+3+4)
mods 1 - see [moderator] -

2 - "modification", where a game is custom modded by fans for their liking

moderator individuals with forum powers but employs them for peacekeeping and maintenance purposes only
MTS "Muay Thai Stance", a transition stance done by Bruce. Only comes out after certain moves.
multi and abbreviation for various characters' multi-throws
Muscle Buster A signature throw done by King (qcb 1+2). Sometimes abbreviated as MB.


Term Definition
Natural Combo a move string that is sure to hit the opponent when the move that precedes it connects properly.
NC "natural combo", see [natural combo]
NCc "natural combo on counter hit", only works when the 1st hit registers as a counter hit. see [natural combo]
netsu Roughly translates "fever", it's the added damage bonus received by an incoming tag character when his/her/it's parner got beaten up badly.
nerf to weaken a move or character for the sake of balance or fanservice
newbie/s people who are new, whether in tekken or any other thing
noob/s see [newbie]
NorCal "Northern California"
NSS "No Sword Stance", done by Yoshimitsu (2+3)
nub 1. jerk

2. see [newbie]


Term Definition
OC "Opponent Crouches", a move property that makes opponents recover in crouching status when hit by the attack.
OCb "Opponent Crouches on Block", a move property that makes opponents recover in crouching status when blocked the attack.
OCc "Opponent Crouches on Counterhit", a move property that makes opponents recover in crouching status on counterhit.
oki an abbreviation to okizeme. see [groundgame]
okizeme see [groundgame]
omen refers to Jin's "Devil Possession". It lets Jin use some of his old moves in his Tekken 3 form, like WGF, TGF, LC, LS etc. (b+1+2~2~2~3)
OTGF "Omen Thunder God Fist", a move done by Heihachi (f, n, df:1)


Term Definition
PAB "Peakaboo" Stance, done by Steve (f+3+4)
parlor trick/s deceptive setup/s that have major holes/counters. Due to its deceptive nature, it can catch even highly competent opponents off guard time to time, yet its glaring weaknesses prevent it from being used everytime.
parry a move that deflects an opponent's attack to give you a momentary advantage, either in terms of positioning or in terms of frames
PHX/PHO "Phoenix Illusion" Stance, done by Lei. (b+1+4)
pitbull a way of playing tekken that uses offensive tactics to the extreme
PLDs "Play Dead stance", refers to Lei's ground stance on the Play Dead position
PM "private message", done between forum members for private conversations
POB "punishable on block" see [punishable]
poke to do minor damage to an opponent, usually for the purposes of hit-and-run tactics, disrupt combos, or setting up for bigger damaging moves
poll a thread that requires some sort of votation
pummel doing combos in conjuction with walls
PP "punch parry"
punish the art of hitting an opponent without him/her having a chance to do anything about it, usually comes after certain moves when blocked or whiffed moves, see [free hit] [whiff]
punishable implying that a move is open for a punish.
pushback a move property where the move "pushes back" the opponent when its blocked, making the move out of reach by many punishers.


Term Definition
Q4T/QFT "quoted for truth"
qcb "Quarter Circle Back", common term for d, db, b sliding input. Some characters can do sways with this input.
qcf "Quarter Circle Forward", common term d, df, f sliding input. Some characters can do crouch dashes with this input.


Term Definition
raw tag A way to tag in by just pressing 5, it's the most basic way to tag in your other character. The incoming character can't block, making raw tagging highly punishable if not used correctly.
RDC "Rolling Death Cradle", a famous multithrow string for King because of its insane damage and memorable animation.
RDS "Rain Dance Stance", Xiaoyu's BT stance. (b+3+4)
recovery/recovery frames time required before the animation of a move ends before the character is allowed to do another move (usually measured in frames). When hit at this time interval, it will be recognized as Punish ingame. [see punish]
reversal a maneuver that enables you to grab an opponent's appendage during his move and do a fancy throw animation to hurt your opponent
RFF "Right Foot Forward", refers to Hwoarang's Southpaw (Lefty) Stance. (you can switch stances by inputting 3+4)
RFS "Right Flamingo Stance", done by Hwoarang. (RFF f+4)
RLX "Relaxed Position" stance. Done by Eddy, Christie and Tiger (d+3+4)
RNR a abbreviation for Kuma and Panda's "Rock and Roll Circus" throw. (qcb~F+1+2)
rock bottom A coined term for King's "Clothesline Press" (FC db d db 1+2)
rodeo shortened term for Christie and Eddy's "Rodeo Spin" throw (hcf 1+2)
ROL "Prowling Grizzly Roll", a stance done by Kuma and Panda. (FC df+1+2)
roo kick A shortened term for Xiaoyu's "Kangaroo Kick" (RDS f+3+4, 3+4)
RS "Rib Smash", a alternative name for King's FC df+2
RWV "Right Weave", a evasive stance by Steve (4)
RWD "Rewinder", a sidestepping stance by Christie and Eddy. (u_d)


Term Definition
S! Short for 'Screw' attacks in Tekken 7 which are the combo extender mechanics usually used in the middle of a combo. The opponent spins in the air after eating these attacks. Also nicknamed 'Tailspins.'
sabaki a move that auto-reverses certain attacks during its animation
safe a move that will not yield free hits when it is blocked
SAV "Savage" Stance, done by Miguel (3+4)
SBT "Single Boot", done by Alisa (f+3+4)
SCR "Scarecrow" stance, done by Zafina (3+4)
scrub/s 1. tekken players who are not really that good but think they are good

2. sore losers

3. complete assholes

4. a term commonly used by players in referrence to less experienced players and/or players with a somewhat narrow minded fighting style

SDW "Shadow" Stance, Raven's BT stance (b+3+4)
SE/SEN "Silent Entry" stance, a transition stance by Lars. Can only be accessed after certain moves.
SET "Setsunagake", a dash stance exclusive to Kunimitsu (f+3)
set-up a series of moves that are designed to confuse and guide your opponent into doing exactly what you want them to do, usually to get them to be vulnerable to launchers or powerful moves
SF can be:

1. "Street Fighter"

2. "Sonic Fang", a move done by Steve (df+1+2).

SFxT "Street Fighter X Tekken", a crossover game developed by Capcom
shark attack Yoshimitsu's signature string (ff 3+4, 1+2, 3+4). Useful on juggles.
shotgun A name for Julia/Jaycee and Michelle's "Flash Punch" (d, df+1). Commonly used in pokes and juggles.
shoulder a term for Xiaoyu's "Clouded Peak". (f+1+2)
SIT "Sit Down" Stance. Can be done by Kuma, Panda, Jack-6 and Ganryu. (d+3+4, Ganryu's SIT only comes out after certain attacks)
slam see [spike]
SLDs "Slide stance", refers to Lei's ground stance on the Slide position
slippery kicks refers to Christie, Eddy and Tiger's 3~4. A low launcher move
sloth sweep another name used for Marduk's 'Gator Sweep'
snakedash is a crouchdash~sidestep movement commonly done by characters who can crouchdash (qcf~u, cd~u depending on the character)
snakestep is a sway~sidestep movement commonly done by characters who can sway with qcb (qcb~u)
SOB 1. safe on block

2. "son of a bitch"

SoCal "Southern California"
spam 1. to repeat again and again

2. junk/litter 3. to do unnecessary things 4. "stupid pointless annoyong message", usually a forum post that don't mean anything.

spear can be:

1. Marduk's Takedown (VTS 1+2)

2. Armor King's Shadow Press (d+1+4, 1+2)

spike to do a downward attack in a juggle that puts your opponent down in the ground with force, preventing them to techroll. Different from [bound]
spin A shortened term for the Chang's "Clockwise Evasive Spin" (3+4)
splat see [wall splat]
SS "Sidestep", done by tapping u or d.
SSL "Sidestep to the Left", basically sidestepping towards the left of your opponent.
SSR "Sidestep to the Right", basically sidestepping towards the right side of your opponent.
sSNK A term for Lei's Sitting Snake stance. Only Accessible after certain moves.
startup/startup frames The time interval (measured in frames) where a attack will approach the opponent. When hit at this time interval, the opponent's hit is considered a Counter ingame. [see i(number), counterhit]
STC "Shifting Clouds" Stance, done by Feng (f+3+4)
STFU 1. "Shut Up", a move done by Nina. (qcf 2)

2. "shut the fuck up"

sticky a status that a thread achieves when it is considered by the moderators as very important
stomps refers to:

1. Armor King's d+4, 4, 4 on the grounded opponent

2. Any stomping attack on a downed opponent

stream monster 1. A guy who you oftentimes see in a stream chat.

2. A dude watching a gaming stream that does nothing but spam the chatbox.

superman throw another name used for Asuka and Jun's "Falling Rain" (FC df, d, df+1+2)
SW "Side Walking", done by tap-and-holding u~U or d~D.
swordsweep A name for Yoshimitsu's "Sweep Slice" (FC, df+1). It's the only unblockable low in the game that's fast enough to be useable and juggles on hit.
SWY can be:

1. Paul's qcb, considered as a stance.

2. "Swaying" stance, done by Steve (b+3_b+4)


Term Definition
T(number) refers to "Tekken" while the number tells which version
tackle can refer to:

1. The generic tackle. A generic throw that hits both standing and crouching opponents and damages you in a different way. 1+2 break

2. Marduk's Takedown/Spear. Performed as VTS 1+2. It has pretty damaging follow-ups.

TS! or Tailspin Used to indicate the combo extender mechanics used in the middle of a combo in Tekken 7. The opponent spins in the air after eating these attacks. Officially labelled in the game as "Screw" attacks.
taste the rainbow another name used for Paul's 'Dragon Thunderbolt Palm'
taunt can refer to:

1. Bryan's "Fury Taunt" (1+3+4). This move has a special property that breaks opponents guard and it has great followups.

2. Some character moves that does nothing but mock the opponent.

tauntdash is Bryan's taunt~f, taunt~f
taunt JU refers to Bryan's "Taunt Jet Upper", a just frame move that takes advantage of taunt's guard-breaking property to launch opponents. Very hard to pull off. (1+3+4: f, b+2)
TC "tech crouching", a tech used by some players that abuse the crush system. It's when they go to crouch status in a really short amount of time to make high attacks miss and block low attacks while still be able to do standing attacks in a reasonable amount of time.
tech catch a juggles situation/set-up designed and guaranteed to re-launch your opponent and/or give you free damage if they tech-roll, usually involves ending your juggle early.
tech trap 1. a mixup forced upon the opponent as they tech-roll, taking advantage of the fact that they can only block and so you have an essentially free mid/low mixup

2. sometimes used in the definition of [tech catch]

tech roll special moves done by players when hit by certain moves that knocks them up in the air (not exclusive to launchers). It involves pressing a punch or kick button before landing. It can reduce some damage inflicted to the player or put you into standing position quicker.
tenstring a term that refers to tekken characters' ten-hit movestrings
TGF "Thunder God Fist", a move done by Kazuya, Heihachi, Devil Jin and Angel (cd 1)
thread the inner part of the forum, where the posts are visible
tier a ranking system for characters, moves and players that is unofficial, but is generally agreed upon players or may depend upon one's own opinion, may be used in conjunction with other words such as "low-tier", "upper-tier", "god-tier", etc.
TN "Tekken Nation"
TP "twin pistons", a move done by Kazuya, Heihachi, Jin, Devil Jin and Angel
train another name used for Armor King's "Black Shoulder" (f 1+4)
TRT "Tarantula" stance, done by Zafina (d+1+2)
TS 1. "tombstone", a move done by King and Armor King (db, F2+4)

2. "throw shift"

3. "technically standing"

TTT(number) "Tekken Tag Tournament", the number tells which version
turtle a way of playing tekken that uses defensive tactics to the extreme
TP "Twin Pistons"
TxSF "Tekken X Street Fighter", a crossover game being made by Namco.
TZ "Tekken Zaibatsu"


Term Definition
UB "unblockable", a move that will still hit you when you decide to block it.
UT "Undertaker", a throw done by Raven. (hcb, F+1+2)


Term Definition
VTS "Vale Tudo Stance", done by Marduk (3+4_db+3+4_df+3+4)
VTSc Marduk's "Vale Tudo Stance cancel". Used for juggles (VTS~3+4)


Term Definition
W! "Wall Splat". Happens when a player does a strong move/combo near a wall on the stage. Important especially for combos.
wake-up 1. to stand up from the ground

2. see [wake-up game]

wake-up game the art of standing up from the ground while avoiding as much harm you can get from your enemy
wall carry moves or series of moves usually in a juggle designed to bring the opposing player nearer to the wall easily
wall jump a special move done by all characters by pressing b,b,u/b against the wall, usually some fancy flip or attack. Mostly used to dodge a opponent attack and put their backs on the wall.
wall splat occurs when a character "sticks" and gets stunned to the wall due to moves that drives him/her there or getting carried there
WB! "Wall Break", happens when a player does a strong impact move against his/her opponent beside a breakable wall off the stage. Extends combos. see [pummel]
WD "wave dash", crouch dashes done in succession
wesley snipes see [blade]
whiff a term called when a move hits nothing, not even a block.
WM "Waning Moon", a signature throw done by Wang (df, df+2+4)
woot an expression of elation, happiness or admiration towards something
WR "While Running", a movement status where your character runs. You can do many running moves you're on this status.
WS "While Standing" a movement status where your character transitions from crouching to standing up. You can do some moves when you're on this status.
WTF 1. "Wipe the Floor", a move done by Nina (d, df+4)

2. "what the fuck"


Term Definition
XMTS "X Marks the Spot" a move done by Xiaoyu (ff 1+2, 1+2)
xtie an abbreviation for the name of Christie
copy paste


Term Definition
yomi the Japanese expression for mind games commonly used in gaming
yoshi an abbreviation for the name of Yoshimitsu


Term Definition
ZTS "Zero the Shadow": that guy who <3 Australians.

Numbers & Symbols

Term Definition
(random letters) indicates that the forum user is either too mad or laughing too hard for him/her to type correctly
> 1. "is greater than", the thing that precedes the ">" is better than the thing that goes after the ">", may also be used in auccession, such as ">>>>>>"

2. "Delayed Input", signifies that a string follow-up can be delayed (e.g. King's F+2>2>1)

\o/ refers to Jack 6 and P-Jack's "Patriot Fist" (u+1+2). Very useful in juggles.
+ signifies that a input must be pressed together (e.g. 1+2 means inputting 1 and 2 at the same time)
+(number) 1. refers to frame advantage

2. another way of agreeing with with someone else's message (i.e. +1)

-(number) refers to frame disadvantage
1, 2, 3 and 4 standard name for inputs at TZ, where:

1 = left punch, 2 = right punch, 3 = left kick, 4 = right kick

1P means the first player's position, left side
2P means the second player's position, right side
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