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Zafina, who has great spiritual powers, was born to a group of spiritual warriors with an ancient past.

Since childhood, Zafina was raised to be a protector of an imperial tomb. Several years ago, a foreign army attacked the imperial tomb she and her group were protecting, and Zafina single handedly wiped every single one of them out. Since then, the group?s guru appointed her to be its sole assassin.

In her public life, she uses her spiritual powers as an astrologist, but recently she can only see evil omens, and her premonitions grow more and more intense day by day. Seeking to understand the meaning behind all of this, Zafina sought the advice of her guru, and he began to tell her an ancient tale passed down from generation to generation only to a select few. According to the tale, two evil stars will shake the world when they come into contact, and, inevitably, the two will unite with the sealed ancient evil being protected by her group, destroying the world. Zafina considered the meaning behind the guru?s tale and her premonitions well.

Setting out on a course that took her far east, to the place the evil stars were believed to be gathering, she journeyed with the intentions of destroying them.

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