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Yoshimitsu became aware of the Enchanted Yoshimitsu?s rapid decent into disorder while pursing Bryan Furry, while trying to avenge his slain clansmen.

The Enchanted Yoshimitsu is actually a demon slayer; its constant need for blood drives its wielder on to satisfy its needs. And until now, Yoshimitsu had managed to suppress the enchanted sword?s wild cravings by cutting down the evil spirited ones, but that balance has been deteriorating lately, and if things continue as they are, the it will begin craving a new host. Aware of the situation, Yoshimitsu has taken on another sword, one capable of sealing the power of the enchanted sword, temporarily evading its wild cravings.

Yoshimitsu has entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, where those with wicked spirits will gather, in order to restore the Enchanted Yoshimitsu?s balance.

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