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Miguel lived his life as a lone wolf and detested the idea of answering to anyone. Despite being born into a conservative family, his wild and unruly nature made him a black sheep in the family. The discord between Miguel and his parents caused him to run away at the age of 15 and take residence at a bar owned by an acquaintance.

In spite of his family dysfunction, Miguel kept in contact with his younger sister, who he grew to trust and treasure. On the darker side, Miguel?s over-protective concern for his sister was extreme? He almost wanted to kill her boyfriend when he heard the news that they were to be married.

On the day of the marriage, Miguel was unable and unwilling to stand with his parents and participate in the service. Instead, he watched from outside the church. Looking around, Miguel noticed the sky was blue as far as the eye could see and the planes overhead seemed to be a serene part of the festivities. Then suddenly, a blast of intense heat engulfed the area. Miguel was knocked back and sustained intense pain throughout his body, but rushed to the church to search for his sister.

When he found her, her dress was stained crimson red and air no longer filled her lungs. Miguel's screams echoed through the smoldering rubble that was once the church. After hearing that the aerial attack had been the work of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Miguel gave-in to dark thoughts, loathing and hatred, and swore revenge upon Jin Kazama.

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