Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue

A Tekken Tag Tournament 2 console demo released exclusively on PlayStation3 along with Tekken Tag Tournament HD and the Tekken:Blood Vengeance movie as part of the Tekken Hybrid package.
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PlayStation3 Trophies

The game has a total of 12 Trophies (12 Standard and 0 Secret) to unlock on PlayStation3.
Icon Trophy Description Trophy
See you in the movie
View all ending images
I'm unbeatable!
Win 1 round without taking any damage
I'll smash you to pieces!
Land 5 Tag Assaults
Stay down!
Land 10 Tag Combos
Are you even trying?
Escape 5 Tag Throws
(Best friends forever!)
Clear Arcade mode using Xiaoyu and Alisa together
That was quite a fall
Use Xiaoyu and land 5 Storming Flower counter-hits
Please accept my feelings
Use Alisa and land 5 Spam Bomb attacks
Meet your maker!
Use Devil Jin or Kazuya and land 5 beam attacks
I always like a good fight
Fight 10 times against human opponents
That was a nice combo
Land 10 Tag Throws
Just like in the movies!
Perform a Balcony Break

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Game Releases

Sony PlayStation3
December 2011
Sony PlayStation3
December 2011
Sony PlayStation3
December 2011