PlayStation2 Codes & Secrets

Releasing All Characters

Keep beating Arcade Mode with different characters until everybody is released. An interesting side note, on the PlayStation2 version you can play Kazuya and Angel as a team. This was not possible in the arcade. The release takes after the Arcade Time Release as far as order.

  • Kunimitsu
  • Bruce Irvin
  • Jack-2
  • Lee Chaolan
  • Wang Jinrey
  • Roger & Alex
  • Kuma & Panda
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Ogre
  • True Ogre
  • Prototype Jack
  • Mokujin & Tetsujin (Invisible Select Box next to Wang)
  • Devil and Angel
  • Unknown (Invisible Select Box next to Alex/Roger)

Activating Theater Mode

The Theater Mode gets opened up after you beat Arcade Mode once. You need to keep on beating Arcade Mode with different characters as first team member to release all ending movies. The bottom right corners indicates how many movie each character has. Getting all movies requires you the beat Arcade more then once with some characters such as Ling (once regular and once in school outfit) and Panda or Kuma.

Tekken Bowl Mode

Tekken Bowl Mode gets activated together with the release of Ogre. Score 200 points in Tekken Bowl Mode and you will be able to select the soundtrack within Tekken Bowl Mode.

Gallery Mode

Gallery Mode gets activated together with the release of Devil. During play you can now pause the game and save a screenshot to your memory card.

Changing Unknown's Style Without Tagging

Push the Right Analog Stick on the DualShock2 as if you would push a button. Don't tap a direction, just push it straight down.

Stage Select in Practice Mode

Highlight Practice Mode in the main game menu. Press and Hold the L2 shoulder button and then tap the R2 shoulder button up to 20 times to select the stage you want. Release both shoulder buttons and go about selecting Practice Mode and your characters as you normally would. Check the list to find out how many taps are needed for your favorite stage.

  1. New Law Stage
  2. Light Snow Yoshimitsu Stage
  3. Ling Xiaoyu Stage
  4. Hwoarang Stage
  5. Lei Stage
  6. Ogre Stage
  7. Evening School Stage
  8. Evening Dojo
  9. Day Time Nina Stage
  10. Sunset Eddy Stage
  11. King Stage
  12. Heihachi Stage
  13. Day Time Eddy Stage
  14. Unknown Stage
  15. Old Law Stage
  16. Day Time School Stage
  17. Day Time Dojo
  18. Night Time Nina Stage
  19. Heavy Snow Yoshimitsu Stage
  20. Paul Stage

Gold Tetsujin

Accumulate 10 or more wins in Versus Mode and the next time you select Tetsujin you will get to play the gold plated version.