Tekken Tag Tournament Character Select

Move Lists
Baek Doo San
Michelle Chang
Armor King
Gun Jack
Anna Williams
Bryan Fury
Heihachi Mishima
Julia Chang
Jun Kazama
Kazuya Mishima
Bruce Irvin
Lee Chaolan
Prototype Jack
Ling Xiaoyu
Nina Williams
Forest Law
Eddy Gordo
Paul Phoenix
Lei Wulong
Jin Kazama
Wang Jinrei
True Ogre

Reading Move Lists

First of all you should familiarize yourself with the Legend we use throughout the site. Over the years these have become pretty much the standard for Tekken webmasters and FAQ writers. We have provided a link in our main navigation menu so you can access the Legend at any time while browsing the website.

Each of the Move List columns contain specific move information. To keep it all as organized as possible we have divided the list in Grappling Arts, Special Arts, Unblockable Arts and String Hit Arts.

Command Column

Pretty self explanatory, this is how you execute the listed move. The directions are in relation to which way your character is facing of course.

Place Column

This applies only to the Grappling Arts. It indicates your position in relation to the opponent. All Multi Parts Arts have to be done from the front with the exception of a King Multi Part. Grabbing with a Multi Part starter from the side or back will result in a regular back or side grab.

Name Column

This information is trivial, but we didn't want to keep it from you. These are not the official move names from Namco by the way. Tekken players started naming move long before Namco ever did, and we are sticking to it.

Damage Column

Tekken damage is based on points, not percentages. In general a Tekken life bar is 140 points in versus mode and 120 points in cpu mode.

Escape Column

Another Grappling Arts only column. It tells you which escape to use for a particular throw. More detailed escape information can be found in the System section. It is the same for Tekken 3.

Range Column

Indicates at which level a listed move hits. Tekken has 5 major hit ranges, take a closer look at the Legend for more detailed information.

Properties Column

Contains a wide variety of extra move information, such as stuns, staggers and much more. Be sure not to overlook the footnote indicators.