Game System

The game system section provides an in depth look at certain aspects of the Tekken 5 gameplay system, make a selection below. Certain system features do not change all that much between the various Tekken games. If you are fairly new to the series you might also want to read the system sections of previous games to learn more about other gameplay elements. The Tekken Tag System section contains all the basics such as Getting Up, Tech Rolling, Chickening, Side Stepping, etc... all those still apply in Tekken 5.
If any frame data is provided it is important to note that sometimes you can block before you can actually input a command, this is often the case with minor stuns and guard breaks. Thus a -12 for example doesn't necessarily mean you can't block for 12 frames. Most moves with a disadvantage of 8 or less can be considered safe moves as it takes at least 8 for your opponent to execute a standard jab and in some cases your opponent will not even be within jab range and you have to add on whatever amount of frames it take for him to dash within hitting range.