Tekken 5 Character Select

Frame Data
Craig Marduk
Marshall Law
Asuka Kazama
Feng Wei
Paul Phoenix
Roger Jr.
Anna Williams
Baek Doo San
Devil Jin
Wang Jinrei
Bruce Irvin
Bryan Fury
Heihachi Mishima
Lei Wulong
Nina Williams
Steve Fox
Kazuya Mishima
Ling Xiaoyu
Jin Kazama
Lee Chaolan
Julia Chang
Christie Monteiro
Eddy Gordo
Jinpachi Mishima

Reading Frame Data

First of all you should familiarize yourself with the Legend we use throughout the site. This section was created with the hardcore Tekkenite in mind. If you really want to master your favorite characters you should definitely take a look at the frame information. And while frame data isn't the gospel, it will help you understand what are the bad moves to use and which moves would be prime retaliation options. Tekken 5 runs at 60 frames per second.

It is very important to note that sometimes you can block before you can actually input a command, this is often the case with minor stuns and guard breaks. Thus a -12 for example doesn't necessarily mean you can't block for 12 frames (After Jin's Kazama Fury for example you can block almost instantly yet you cannot move for nearly half a second). Most moves with a disadvantage of 8 or less can be considered safe moves as it takes at least 8 for your opponent to execute a standard jab and in some cases your opponent will not even be within jab range and you have to add on whatever amount of frames it take for him to dash within hitting range. Christie has the ability to shorten recovery time after certain moves with a side step or using recover crouching cancels.

Command Column

Pretty self explanatory, this is how you execute the listed move. The directions are in relation to which way your character is facing of course.

Hit Column

Indicates how many frames it takes for a move to hit after you have finished the command. This does not included the number of frames it takes to input the command.

Block Adv Column

The number of frame advantage or disadvantage when the move is blocked. Meaning the amount of frames it takes before you can input a new command. Positive numbers are advantages over your opponent, negative numbers indicate a disadvantage and KD indicates the opponent gets knocked down. This can either be a juggle, stun or any other kind of knock down.

Hit Adv Column

The number of frame advantage or disadvantage on a hit. Keep in mind a hit does not necessarily results in an advantage over the opponent. Frame advantage on stagger moves reflects the amount of stagger frames, this does not equal the number of frames your opponent cannot block attacks.

Counter Hit Adv Column

The number of frame advantage or disadvantage on a counter hit. Keep in mind a counter hit does not necessarily results in an advantage over the opponent.
The source for the frame data is a Japanese guide, called "Tekken 5 Perfect Guide" by Softbank. As with any publication there are errors or typos here and there and without a doubt we made a few ourselves (easily happens after a few hours of crunching these numbers). On the other hand, unless you have the actually Tekken 5 script you can't really be 100% sure about an actual frame count when in doubt. So we offer this info 'as is'.