Tekken 4 Character Select

Combo Lists
Ling Xiaoyu
Craig Marduk
Kazuya Mishima
Paul Phoenix
Steve Fox
Christie Monteiro
Marshall Law
Julia Chang
Lee Chaolan
Lei Wulong
Jin Kazama
Nina Williams
Bryan Fury
Heihachi Mishima

Reading Combo Lists

First of all you should familiarize yourself with the Legend we use throughout the site. We have provided a link in our main navigation menu so you can access the Legend at any time while browsing.

Because of various wall properties Tekken 4 has a near infinite amount of combo variations and by no means do we aim to make 'complete' combo lists. But they should give you a good solid base to explore different combos in the game.

The combos are organized in 3 columns. The first column is the actual combo starting with the first move after the combo launcher (unless indicated otherwise in the combo group header). If the combo has recently been added the list it will be marked with a new uppertext.

The second column is the combo damage point including the combo starter on non counter hit unless the launcher requires a counter hit. If the combo group has multiple starters the damage will refer to the first starter in the group unless otherwise indicated in the combo note. Special group combo notes can be found at the bottom of each listed group if applicable.

The third column is used for specific combo notes such as excluding a combo starter within the combo group or giving some extra combo guidance if necessary.

All the combos are listed in various combo groups. Aside from the combo group name you will also see the combo starter(s) listed in the combo group header and the names of compatible combo groups. While not every single combo from another combo group might work with a different starter this cuts down dramatically on listing the same combo multiple times under different groups.

It is important to pay attention to the spacing when reading the combo lists. For example 1,4,2 would be a 3 hit string, while 1,4, 2 is a 2 hit string followed by a right punch.

All the combos are guaranteed after the first hit, aside from escapable stun move combo starters. We chose to list stun combo starters so you know which options you have in case your opponent neglects to escape the stun.

Only inescapable wall stun combos are listed. This can either be a power move wall stun to start the combo or an inescapable side wall stun in the middle of a combo. Side wall stuns essentially reset the combo float properties and nearly act as a new combo starter and the combo possibilities are endless. While some nice wall stun combo examples will be included on the lists, the main focus will be on combos you can attempt at any given time during a fight.