Submitting FAQs

All FAQs should be submitted to Castel only. Please do not cut and paste your FAQ as the text of the message, but send the FAQ as an email attachment. Virtually every mail program and web based mail service allow you to do this.

It is also wise to compress your FAQ using a WinZip type compression program if you can. This doesn't only saves you time sending the mail. More importantly it will prevent the mail program from corrupting the text file attachments and reformat them as message text. We only accept FAQ in TXT format. Submitted FAQs in any other format such as HTML or DOC will not be posted.

FAQ Posting

If your FAQ meets our guide line it will usually be posted within a few days after receiving it. If you don't see it posted in the appropriate section it's safe to assume the email didn't reach us or you forget to attach the file and you should just send it again. The quality of submitted FAQ has been questionable at times so we are forced to adopt some basic approval FAQ guide lines. We don't like to reject FAQ but it's obvious we have no choice.

Approval Guide Lines

Provide some original content! We've lost count of how many FAQ are just a cut and paste job of this site's move list or Catlord's Move List FAQ with a few added lines of jibberish. Do a bit or research... don't try to prove you know how to cut and paste.

All FAQs must be written in English and have the proper formatting. Whatever editor you use, make sure you have Auto Wrapping turned off, any submitted FAQ which causes horizontal scroll at 800 by 600 resolution will be discarded without question.

Not to say a FAQ needs to be big to be useful, definately not. But how comprehensive can a so called 'Strategy Guide' be at 7k? If other more complete character guides are already online your FAQ will most likely not be posted.

FAQ Writing Tips

Use an ASCII text editor (80 characters per line or less) such as NotePad or EditPad to write your FAQ, this is by far the best way to go about making sure it will be properly formatted for browser display. You can also Use Microsoft Word or any other word processor (standard 8 ½ x 11, 1 inch margins, 10pt Courier New Font or any other fixed width font) but be sure to save your work as Text Format with line breaks.

Don't use the tab key when writing a FAQ, god only knows how a browser will interpret that. Use the space bar if you need to make some sort of table or line up columns. ASCII text doesn't support special formatting such as underlines, boldface or italics, if you want to make text stand out or make section breaks use capital letters and basic underscores or dashes.

Give credit where it's due. You wouldn't want someone else to rip your work either do you? When using information from outside sources, ask for permission first and give credit for the information used. As for using information provided on this site such as frame data (which seems to be the most popular request). We have yet to refuse anybody from using it in a FAQ, provided it's a freely distributed file. Just drop us a line out of common courtesy so we know you want to use the information because we will obviously find out.

Don't forget to include your name (or alias), date, version and email on the first few line of your FAQ. Doh!!...but it happens, you wouldn't be the first one. Besides giving some important information about your work it also provides us with the necessary data to have a complete listing on the FAQ pages.

Watch your language, if you can't express yourself properly without the excessive use of foul language and four letter words, don't bother submitting your FAQ. Better yet, don't even waste your time trying to write a FAQ.

And finally, protect your work! Although your FAQ is automatically protected by copyright law it doesn't hurt to add a copyright notice and add explicit guidelines for reproduction and distribution. We've all seen FAQ published in printed gaming (EGM) magazines, they shouldn't make a profit of your work.

Removing your FAQ

If for some reason you want your FAQ removed from our listing, you will need to email Castel and provide the name of the file you want removed. In order for us to verify the FAQ is indeed yours it would be best to send the email from the account you have used as the contact email in the FAQ