Submitting Art

All artwork should be submitted to Castel only. Please send the art work as an email attachment, virtually every mail program and web based email services allow you to attach files.

When submitting desktop wallpapers you should compress them using a WinZip type compression program if you can. This doesn't only saves you time sending the mail, more importantly it will prevent the mail program from corrupting the attached files. We only accept jpg or gif formats for featured image submissions.

We get tons of email everyday and simply do not have the time to reply to each and every one. Most likely won't get a reply to the email you send unless there is a problem with the email attachment, but consider yourself thanked by the Zaibatsu Staff and the online Tekken community for your contribution.

Wallpaper Guide Lines

We truly appreciate all the wallpapers being send to us and understand the fact to you love to create some art based on your beloved Tekken, but submissions have gone a little crazy at times so we adopted a few approval guidelines before adding them to our gallery.

  • You can add a "Created by" to your work when using original Namco images (which is the case for nearly all wallpapers being sent to us), but do not claim a copyright.
  • Do not use artwork by other fan artists unless you can prove you got permission to do so.
  • Show some creativity in your wallpaper. Simply taking a stage background and adding a character CG or concept art and adding some text does not cut the cake. Oh... and adding an instant Photoshop lens flare or click and go filter to a background is not exactly creative either.
  • When using character art extracted from Namco images make sure you use the proper masking and crop techniques. Poorly extracted images just look nasty, especially on dark background. Just ask yourself if you could have done a better a job at it.
  • There already is a ton of Jin/Mishima wallpapers, it will be judged more stringent if popular characters are used. How about giving Craig a little love?

If your image meets these guideline it will be concidered for addition to the online gallery at the next update of the section, but we reserve the right to refuse any submitted wallpaper or remove it from the gallery if it doesn't prove to be popular.