Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a Tekken site?

A website is created using the HTML language and resources come a dime a dozen if you wish to learn it. Just enter HTML in your favorite search engine and you will end up with more HTML tutorials than you can swing a bat at. You will also need to learn a graphics program such as Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop in order to spice up your site with some custom created images.

The images on the site are not showing up, why?

This happens because your firewall settings and/or browser settings. Check your firewall and/or browser for a HTTP_REFERER related setting and turn it down a notch or turn it off all together.

How do you make those combo movies?

Recording video footage on your computer requires additional hardware, called a video capture card or you can use a DVD recorder and transfer the footage via a DVD-RAM drive.
Once the footage is captured we go into Adobe Premiere and string all the clips together, add effects, transitions and put on background music. For the title animations we also use Adobe Premiere and in some cases Adobe After Effects.

What music do you use for the combo movies and where can I get it?

Amazingly we still get some mail asking about this. We provide the artist's name and name of the track on the movie archive pages. This should be more than enough information in order for you to be able to find it at any online music store or special order it.

When is the next Tekken game coming out... What characters will be in it... ?

As soon as we find out, you will find out. The whole purpuse of this site is to inform you of what is going on with the Tekken scene. We aren't here to keep information from you. Check current and past news updates and if it isn't anywhere to be found, we don't know either.

I have a Tekken site, can you link to it?

This might sound a bit harsh, but no. Tekken Zaibatsu doesn't have a links section because we are more than busy enough maintaining the rest of the site. The last thing we need is to keep track of external links.
The few random links you see on our main page are either official game sites or courtesy links to site run by personal friends of the Tekken Zaibatsu staff.