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"For all business inquiries or any inquiries about Tekken Zaibatsu, please contact OsservaEX#3909 on Discord."

Please don't ask us to send you images files, movie files or Tekken strategies. All we have to offer is available on the site.

Any problems with your forum account should be reported to Castel only, new forum registrations are moderated, which means you can't post new messages or replies before your registration is activated by a forum administrator. Nothing is wrong with your account, show a little patience.

Please consult the Tekken Zaibatsu help files before sending an email, most likely your questions will be answered in one of these help files.

Vik 'Castel' Steyaert

Castel is Tekken Zaibatsu's Director, Webmaster and Forum Administrator. Castel is in charge of the site design and takes care of updates and PHP coding duties. He is also responsible for capturing and editing most movies currently available on the site. Games of interest besides Tekken are Assassin's Creed series, God of War series, Ratchet & Clank series, Final Fantasy series and arcade style racing games.

Joey 'MrWizard' Cuellar

MrWizard is an Assistant Director and Senior Moderator, helping in the general development of Tekken Zaibatsu. He is also the Director of the yearly Evolution fighting game tournament. Other games of interest include Capcom fighters, Midway fighters and Rush.

Mark 'MarkMan' Julio

MarkMan is an Assistant Director and Senior Moderator, taking care of forum maintenance when Castel isn't able to do so. His technical Tekken knowledge is endless and is a valuable asset to Tekken Zaibatsu. MarkMan also runs the very popular SD Tekken Blog.

Jakub 'Di' Dudkowski

Di is our Editor In Chief, responsible for the majority of the news being posted. He is also a dedicated Tekken and SoulCalibur player who plays a few other games as well but whose main priority is to support the scene, including doing what he loves the most - running tournaments. The list of titles he is in love with features such games as the Ace Attorney and the Mega Man series (mainly X and ZX).