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Site History

Welcome to the fifth incarnation of Tekken Zaibatsu which launched in June 2011. The previous revision (4.5) launched in the summer of 2009 to celebrate the site's 10th anniversary.

Tekken Zaibatsu's roots go back to the infamous Tekken Web Project Tekken 2 website ran by Slikatel, which evolved in to Tekken.Net around the Tekken 3 arcade release in the summer of 1997.

Shortly after the Tekken 3 PlayStation release in 1998, inspired by Slikatel's Tekken 2 tribute movies, Castel started producing a series of Tekken 3 combo movies which were featured on various web sites.

With the release of Tekken Tag Tournament on the horizon in 1999 tragic had lost interest in maintaining the Tekken.Net web site and Castel took over the torch and Tekken Zaibatsu launched in the summer of 1999 as an affiliate intending to concentrate on the Mishima characters. But soon after the Tekken Tag Tournament arcade release the site was expanded to cover all of the game's characters.

The site quickly gained popularity in the community and was rapidly outgrowing the Tekken.Net hosting solution provided by tragic. In January 2000, Tekken Zaibatsu moved to it's own domain and introduced a new design which was easier to maintain. The 2.0 launch also marked the start of our online community forums.

Early 2001, it was once again time for a face lift and Tekken Zaibatsu 3.0 launched on 2nd March, 2001 introducing expanded game coverage and re-organization of the content.