Tekken Zaibatsu Going Offline

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Good times. Thanks for everything!
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TZ drove me to appreciate Tekken and all other fighting games alike, no matter 3D or 2D. Without TZ, I'd probably never find the depth that this genre holds. I am forever grateful.
Thank you, Castel. Thank you, TZ community.
Good night, sweet prince.
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Damn, I always thought of have this to come back to some day, to bad.

Rip TZ, it was a grand time in my life

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Man, thinking about how much knowledge I absorbed here, this is a hit to the heart, but of course it's an understandable one. Stay real, people.
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To everyone who read my fanfics.

To everyone who downloaded my DR ghosts.

To everyone I spoke to about combos and matchups.

To everyone who followed me outside of the confines of these forums.

To everyone I played games with.

To everyone who helped me grow from a wide-eyed boy finishing up high school into a grown-ass man that has traveled the world gathering accolades, making connections, and acting out a fighting game dream I wouldn't have even fathomed if not for the world and culture you guys exposed me to.

To everyone...

Thank you.
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Thanks Castel for providing an invaluable service all these years.

Its a shame that forums in general are having a hard time surviving in a social media world.

This place will surely be missed, knowing that, we all wish you the best whatever your future endeavours.

We all owe you and hope you can take pride in what you provided to a community for 20 years!

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Man this bring back memories. Don't think I've posted here in 7 to 8 years.

Plenty of good debates, trash talking, racing up the leader board in post counts amongst other things and seeing disasters like DK being a short lived mod in CCC lol

Thanks for the memories Castel
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Long overdue, but a very sad day indeed. A huge part of my childhood, and a the greatest source of information from when information was scarce (pre-Youtube/streams). Thanks to Castel and the team for making such a great website.
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Wow look at all these names.

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Holy shit. This site got me into Tekken, and it will always be a part of my childhood.

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Originally posted by KyOKei
Man this bring back memories. Don't think I've posted here in 7 to 8 years.

Plenty of good debates, trash talking, racing up the leader board in post counts amongst other things and seeing disasters like DK being a short lived mod in CCC lol

Thanks for the memories Castel

Chit Chat Cafe was more than a General Discussion Forum.

It was as real a place of social development as any school.

I would not be the human being I am today without this site, and that section in particular.

There are people from that section that I STILL talk to daily on FB, about the exact same topics. We may not be family by blood, but we're definitely bound (B!) in some way.
tinh yeu
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i want to thank you for everything youve done for the tk community. you directly/indirectly had a huge part in paving the way where i am currently professional and personally. i met my wife through tekken, i started my career through tekken. none of this possible without the community and friendships that tz provided.

i appreciate all of our past conversations and i always understood how you were one of my biggest supporters even though i was just a young teenager with a big ass mouth.

i tweeted about this place closing down and want to share the thread with you so you can see the impact youve had on many of our lives. i also started liking a bunch of tweets that retweeted, so you can see that too.


please keep in touch, you can reach me through various social media or i still have my old phone number/email if you still have those. i look forward to our future conversations about life.

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Thanks for letting us grow up here, vik. Not many ppl in the tekken community can go as long as you have being universally loved.
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#35 “Quote” Edit Post
Wow, this was completely out of the blue

I spent my teenage years on these forums in T6 and learned the game with this forum for TTT2.

I'm gonna miss this forum a lot, thank you so much to everyone and the staff for keeping it alive during those times.
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Processing 19 years of Tekken and I'm still baffled as to how Tekken 4 was made.
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Tekken wouldn't mean as much to me if it wasn't for this site. Thanks for everything.
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Thanks TZ for being there for me back in the day. Thank you for introducing me to so many people throughout my travels. Thank you for giving me my first taste of true competition outside of a organization that's now part of the Twin Galaxies umbrella. Thank you for introducing me to people like IceColdEdge, Eddy Pistons, and JOP.

Until next time, TZ ...

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Wow. End of an era.
I think it’s pretty safe to say that without this site, Tekken wouldn’t be what it is today.
Thanks to the TZ team for creating a place for all of us who shared and still share the same passion, and all the best for the future.
Good times...good times
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This place helped tons of people make life long friendships and was thebhub for Tekken for years. Thanks for everything Vik. It will be missed.
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