Boss Tournament #1 [PS4 / Tekken 7]
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I'm hosting a T7 tournament with some friends on Sunday April 7th, 2019 @12PM EST. You're all invited to watch, there will be a cash giveaway at the end of the main stream.

]50 Participants

]1st - 3rd prizes

]Double Elimination

]Entry fee: Optional

]Host 1: [Main Stream]

]Host 2:

]Host 3:

[Note: One of the other hosts will stream the loser brackets. Who will do it will be decided by Saturday]


]Time: 60 sec

]Preliminaries: best of 3 (Winner + Loser Brackets)

]Finals: best of 5 (Winner + Loser Brackets)

]Default Customs Only

]Random Stages only
]Character lock for winner of a match

]Watch the streams (not just to support, but to stay on track of the tournament)

Prizes: Tournament

]1st: $200

]2nd: $100

]3rd: $50

Prizes: Giveaway

]1st: $50

[Note: On challonge, the giveaway may have second and third cash prizes listed. This is FALSE]

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