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Only realized now because of the b+2,2 change CAT+1 is now a launcher

CAT+1, b+2,2, db+3+4,3 around 65 damage mark, but i donít know if it will work on everyone
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check out my assassination training with anna williams idea list fan tribute. it's super long.


i don't know why they made it hidden but it's still there. tell me what ideas you like and don't like here in this thread and not in that thread.

let's somehow keep this thread alive lol.
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Season 4 Anna...now that I've had time to have some decent gameplay sessions...

Looks like someone got the memo, because Anna's ss2 now has a toe stun on CH (+14g lol), and honestly I'm loving this buff. It creates a lot of pressure and mixes well with ss1+2.

ss1+2 has been nerfed. Badly. It's supposed to be more stable, but now I keep on getting a single non-launching hit that leaves me at -5. It does reduced damage, and is now -9 instead of -4 so there is no stepping after on block. For the previous season players had to watch how ss1+2 hit and adjust the combo accordingly, which was a bit of a pain but doable and it gave good damage. Now it doesn't launch as consistently, and gives less damage. I don't know if this is a glitch like with ff2 randomly whiffing, but the move is overall worse by a lot.

ff+2 was supposed to be buffed, but it randomly whiffs now. Hopefully this and ss1+2 will be patched.

i14 b+2,2 probably doesn't seem like a big deal compared to i15 df2. Technically it's only guaranteed on about 2/3 of the roster, and it's not really a full launch. And yet this has made a dramatic difference in key match-ups for me, more so than df+2. Point in case Paul. Being able to punish Paul ws2 for a good chunk of damage has been nice. This would be a contender for best buff if it was guaranteed on the whole cast.

i15 df+2 is a pretty big deal, because it allows Anna to punish lots of things that she couldn't punish before, and it is that much more effective as a whiff punisher. The problem is that the tracking to the right has been reduced, which is a bitter trade, as Anna struggles with tracking. Still the reality is that i15 df2 will win more matches than i16 df2 even without the tracking.

QCF4 for some reason has reduced tracking to the right. The first time this got cleanly stepped, I thought it was a completely fluke. By the third time I knew something was terribly, terribly wrong, and I confirmed it through labbing. Hands down the worse nerf she received as again, tracking is something she struggles with, and this move becomes very key in high level matches. It doesn't even KD or have any cH properties, the nerf was uncalled for. Whoever came up with this nerf needs to play a Julia that knows how to escape b+2,2 in a ft10. When they realize that she can ss3+4 Anna even easier, and all Anna has to show for it is a launch against ws4, maybe they will reconsider.

CJ 1 has lost it's tracking. It's a very short range move on a stance that is immobile making this an excessive nerf. It's worth mentioning that Leroy still has an unseeable low into Hermit 2, and there is no way to step that.

CJ 3+4 is a neat addition. Normally when people try to go for something when Anna is in CJ just a CJ 1 is enough. However the new power crush hits moves that could crush CJ 1. I don't think this is a game changer, but it is lots of fun, and the silly animation somehow fits Anna's personality.

CJ d+3D now ends in full crouch. Nothing too crazy, but a nice quality of life change as it were.

f+4 is a good buff. It never needed to be semi launch punishable in the first place, and now it hits some lows that it went over in previous seasons and gets a wall splat with a minimized risk. More incentive to use this when you're not getting counter hits with df+1+2. In earlier seasons there was no reason to use this over f,f+3 when you weren't near a wall. Now there is.

b+3 being more consistent probably won't make a difference to players who use it raw. It will make a huge difference to players who like to use it against strings with lows. This is a good buff, but only the hardcore guys who lab against strings that have lows will see the fruits of this buff.

d+2, it's now plus on block and more advantage on hit. Seems reasonable, nothing too crazy but a good buff. d+2 into pressure will be better. It recovers faster so there are a few spike set-ups that weren't possible in previous seasons.

ff+4, ending in crouch for FC mix-ups is pretty fun. She at zero on block so the opponent can theoretically crouch jab her afterwards, but Anna can also end this in Chaos Judgement, and theoretically get the auto low parry so it's a bit of a mix-up. There will be some fun set-up for this move.

WR fff2 1st hit is now safe. Nothing super exciting but something that was needed.

(1,2 et cetera)ch4 is interesting. It's another way for Anna to steal rounds. I dismissed this at first, then ended up winning a bunch of rounds because of it.

df+3,2u/d has been nerfed. I don't really understand why.

df+1 now being 13-14. I take that to mean the animation moves farther forward and has a long active hitbox. Seems fine.

I don't care to comment on the other stuff. The ws2 flip is worth mentioning, but I haven't had a chance to lab it, and it hasn't played a big factor in matches I've had. Season 4 Anna has traded tracking for punishment. Some noteworthy unfavorable match-ups, like Julia, Master Raven, Heihachi, Feng and Zafina got worse. The Paul match-up which was bad for her, got better. Claudio was neutral for her before, and is now favorable due to the punishment buff. Some match-ups that were already in her favor, like Jack and Negan got better.

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