Deathfist punisher guide

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Budding Fighter
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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
Punishes against deathfist on block:

Alisa: f+1+2_b,f+2
Ancient Ogre: f+1+2
Anna: f+2+3
Armor King: f+1+4
Baek: ff+1+2,4
Bears: d/f+2,1
Bobs: u/f+1+2, 1+2
Bryan: f,f+2
Bruce: b+2_u/f+3+4_u/f+3
Capoeiras: d/f+3+4
Changs: f,f+1,4_d+1+2_f,f+3
Dragunov: f+1+2 into combo
Feng: d/b+1,2_b+1+2 for KND
Ganryu: f,f+1+2_f+1+2
Hwoarang: b+3 _ u/f+3+4,4 _ d/f+4,3
Jacks: f,f+1+2
Jin: f+4
Jinpachi: d/f+2,1;
Jun and Asuka: f+2;
Kazuya: ff+2,dewgf
King: b+3
Lars: u/f+3, f,b+2,1;
Lee: f+2,1 (short) b+1,1,2 and ff+1+2;
Lei: f,f+3
Leo: f+2,2; ff+2
Lili: 3,1_f+2,3
Kunimitsu: d/f+2_f+2,3 (mid); f,f+4 (long)
Marduk: d/f+1, u/f+1+2.
Miguel: d/f+2,1;
Mishimas: Dewgf; (_f+3+4 with Devil Jin)
Paul: DF, d+1+2;
Raven: 1+2; d+f+2; f,f+3; f+2,3
Steve: f,f+2, d/f+1+2
True Ogre: u/f+1+2, 1+2,
Violetsame as lee) exclusive to violet: f,n,3,4 (JF,instant,short)
Wang: d/f+2,1 (edit by Fat Josh: inconsistant punish. F2,2 is more reliable and you have a guaranteed DF3 after F2,2.)
Yoshimitsu: b+2,2 (short/mid); CD+1 (mid/long, JF)
Zafina: d/f+2;

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#2 “Quote” Edit Post
I think Leo can punish it with f2,2, and d4,2 can be ducked
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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by Budding Fighter
Punishes against deathfist on block:
Paul: DF

is this the i15 perfect deathfist?
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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
Jack's d/f+2 doesn't always reach. f,f+1+2 is probably his best option.
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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
changs get a qcf2 from mid range
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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
Hei gets his DF.
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I'm new to the game but i find that the best way to win is to use f+3 then keep on using 3+4, f+1+2 until there dead.
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
I'll try and check when get the chance, but I thought Bruce could get f+1+2, too, at most distances. Not that it would be the best choice, necessarily.
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by sspaajms120
is this the i15 perfect deathfist?

It's my favorite thing to do to new Pauls
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#9 “Quote” Edit Post
Asuka can also use her f+1+2 at tip range (f+2 doesn't reach).
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#10 “Quote” Edit Post
Nina gets b+1+4 on most ranges and f~1+4 and ff2 on tip range
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#11 “Quote” Edit Post
All I can get to reach with Alex/roger is d+3+4.
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Snake Fang
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#12 “Quote” Edit Post
I can consistently reach Death Fist with Jin's b+2,1 and it does more damage than his f+4

Xiaoyu also gets her u/f+3+4 if it's blocked at medium-short range.

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#13 “Quote” Edit Post
If Asuka blocks deathfist from range 2 or closer she gets f+2.

Devil Jin gets f+3+4, or a just frame f,F+2.

Jin gets f,F+2 but the timing has to be precise.

Kunimitsu gets df+3+4.

If Ling blocks DF from range 2 or closer and she is on axis she gets df+2~1. Otherwise f,F+3 will hit with precise timing.

Zafina gets b+1+2.
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