T7 Claudio: info thread

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Originally posted by BlackViper55
I have a warning to all Claudio players when facing Leo.

Avoid abusing f+3 on Leo, because she can evade it with d+1+2, and eventually punish it with BOK 2. Already tested it on VS battle when I was playing Leo and my brother is Claudio.

Originally posted by S2_Dotoring

It is... a questionable mid

Regardless of the opposing character
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Starburst and You

My latest Claudio video. Talks about Starburst, how to obtain it and how you can use it. Feedback is appreciated and might be added to a forthcoming video.
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I took the time to figure out the odd move punishment of Claudio 3+4. I forgot to do The FF character but Ill add him at some point. Figured I'd share it here since it could give more info for your risk reward. I think I forgot to add geese. He gets a down jab into qcb1. I think its like 25 damage.


Sorry if someone has done this already. I'll delete this if its posted somewhere here.

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