Just found my Tekken vid archive

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What a dick..
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Not quite sure what to do with it all right now. It is on 7 DVD-R and I'm starting to go through them (it looks like all of the discs work). I luckily printed the directory structure, so I know what's on them all. It's all 2002 and earlier so it's mostly TTT and T4 (with some random DOA and other stuff thrown in).

Disc 1 has Final Round Arcade, Tekken.org and TekkenZone
Disc 2 has ArcadePimp and more Tekken.org stuff
Disc 3 has KYSG, LosVatos, yet more Tekken.org and "Misc T4" (mostly from DUK2000 private server)
Disc 4 has TekkenCentral, more Misc TTT/T4 (some DUK2000 private, some TripleLei, some 7thPixel)
Disc 5 has mostly TZ and CenCal stuff
Disc 6 has Electric Cancel stuff... Including TiT2, TiT3 and SVGL... Random RockSteady vs tomhilfig matches
Disc 7 has more Electric Cancel stuff (SVGL, EC1, EC3), more DUK2000 stuff, Catlord videos

Would anyone be interested in any of this?
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Hello CodEZ, I just found your post, I hope is not too late.

I been on Tekken since 2002, but due to my shitty ISP in my country, I meet Maxi's ftp around 2006 and able to download at that time. He even came to Peru in 2009, was a great honor to meet him.
So I got to download a lot of vids (all T3 and i think half TTT) from his ftp, but my hdd bricked in 2010, losing almost everything, my life had not been the same since then, seriously.

I'm very big fan of old tekken vids, when tekken 6 was just a rumor. I'm currently sorting all my remaining vids, with some downlaoded from youtube, but their quality is just not the same.

So I respond to your post, I'm godamn interested in your files man lol.

by the way, I'm into electronics, last month I was designing my programmable stick for 2players, because I have in mind a huge project, including Tekken Tag HD, reproducing sick combos, resuming every decent combo/juggle, glitch, bug, art, ever recorded; a big tribute to Tekken Tag.
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+1, I'd also love to see some old Tekken vids, if you could upload them somewhere! Youtube perhaps?
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Most of mine are still on Youtube I think: https://www.youtube.com/user/7thpixel
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Damn it's been a while here, I'd be very interested in your collection. I have over 2000 videos in my collection (nothing T7, it's not been very interesting), would be great to compare.

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