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Yup... there is a new Tutorial up!


I hope it works!
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Well I want to ask about the rounded corners on the tables, how can I make the rounded cornes to limit the colors from inside the table, something like this

It's a corner from TZ, I want to know the html procedure or the Image Ready technique, I'll thank all of your help...

see ya
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Hi, this is my first post in Zaibatsu. Thought it might be cool to write a couple art tips.
First of all if you don't like pencilling art then you might as well pass this up since that's my medium (and I'm damn proud of it too).
Drawing requires a very relaxed hand, so if you find yourself trying to sketch anything from Kazuya Mishima, to a red Camaro you'll need to relax. People who draw or even write tense will notice inconsistency in the lines (squiggles, or zigzags, etc) as well as really dark lines.
I was once told "A real artist never erases" this is wrong. I've made some beautiful drawing through much trial and error, and I allowed myself room to do this by drawing relaxed bright lines.
Most people want a really clean smooth drawing, and that's why I think so many people flock to computers, but you need to know control and have basic knowledge to master the simple yet powerful pencil.
I'll be sure to post more if anyone else wants my insight on drawing with pencils. If you'd like you can check out my homepage at to see some of my drawings. I don't color much any more because it just takes too long (colored pencils), but I'm thinking of making my own drawing lesson's up since there are so many crappy art books out there. I'm not saying the people who made the books can't draw, but they certainly cannot teach.
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In order to put up a web site in this thread box, must I have my html enabled?(or is it hmtl?)

I want to display some of my art work, but I don't know if I'm doing it right. PLEEEASE help.
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Here's my tutorial. It's not much, but it's for beginners and I hope it helps

Gwendy's Photoshop tutorial
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shoot it does say Chicken.....
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thanks for the helpful site's! keep up the good work
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I have made plenty tutorials and two of them contain Jin as subject.

This one shows how you make a 15 minutes quick character study in order to prepare a more detailed painting later:

And this one explains how I made my devil Jin painting some time ago:

All tutorials can be seen here, BTW:
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there are lots of good shit on this thread

do you guys have anything on shadowing? im mean freehand not photoshop or anything.
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The first tutorial I found on coloring by Julie Dillon (who is absolutely amazing):

This tutorial has actually been the most helpful for me because it explained the key part of using the pen tool (ctrl) in Photoshop:

This is also a really good pen tool tutorial:

I already knew most of the stuff in that one except for using the "minimum diameter" feature, VERY helpful to know. I also didn't know something about clipping masks but haven't used it or tried it.

Despite being called "basic", this one was too advanced for me, but I tried it and learned a few things nonetheless:

Again, too advanced for me, but managed to learn a few things on my own while trying to figure it out:

A couple of wing tutorials I've recently been trying:

And for fun, here's one on how to draw:

As for tutorials I've written, one was just for using the smudge tool and gradient map to make a Phoenix, written to help a friend. Since she explained she had troubles with Photoshop, I wrote it with very precise instructions, as if a person barely knew anything about Photoshop. There are, of course, other ways to do it, and lots of ways to do even the basic steps outlined, I just did the ones that come most naturally to me.

Later, I wrote another one for the same friend about removing lines from lined paper drawings (it's my most popular deviation on deviantART): OR

^That is just a recommended method of how I would approach the problem. I'm well aware there's a million ways to do things in Photoshop already and that there are alternatives others might take.
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Lineart Tidbits (by me):
deviantART version:
Webpage version:

A few things I've learned while working with cleaned lineart.
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it's not so much of a tutorial as it is a digital process /
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This is my first tutorial about paiting to professional tecnique any Anime. In this case the video present Goku to DBGT.

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