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I'll check that out later on today for ya.

EDIT: It seems to work fine for me *shrugs*.
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nice work Brahma

keep om movin
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Life is like a chess, game let your next move be your best move SCT_keep it pimpi'n understand
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great guidelines, very helpful
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Yes..yes..yes.. I'd like to teach you about uhh..
I'd like to have a talk to you about uh...
As for those... schoolgirls.. yes..
Various tortures that they gave me when I went to school...
Yes... they made me wear a funny hat...
I had to put on a clown uniform...with no pants.
Also I had to wear a rabbits head...
Yes it was made out of paper and it was 10 foot tall...
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I cannot express my comtempt for that decision adequately with any combination of expletives.
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Anyone have some frame data for the Mishimas?

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