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I see that you forgot about King wd/ld and animal wd/ld cmd. f,n,d/f~n~f~n~d/f (...) it's hard
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Originally posted by Kazuo
Not yet man, its last on my to do list. I know it'll be quick but....i have work to do lol

ahh ok then thats fine
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Originally posted by Keii
I see that you forgot about King wd/ld and animal wd/ld cmd. f,n,d/f~n~f~n~d/f (...) it's hard

Its not that I forgot....i just dont know everything. Ill add that too though. Its still relevant in BR right? Im planning to fix this list up in 2 weeks for the new game.
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whats about stair step: bb~f, bb~f, ... ?
i'm sorry if theres no stair step in tk 5 dr i mainly play tk 6 br

for the mishimas u perform a backdash with an instant following light ss. i tried stair step with different charakters and some give u special options.

a.e. u can perform a faster black uppercut with armor king.. try bb~f~d/f+2

besides could someone explain me the difference between df and d/f or d/b and db, please?
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Baek's Flamingo Dash

d/f+3~f,d/f+3~f,d/f+3~f,d/f+3~f...repeat as quickly as possible to move forward to reach wall or to trick opponent.

EDIT: btw HardSpank I think there is no difference
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Good stuff.
Alpha Kazuya
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You guys are books of wisdom!
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As u may know ling in T6 has a new so-called fox step allowing her to take super big strides towards the enemy. I've seen it done times before and was wondering if or anyone eles knows how to do it? I know it has something to do with her tuants as to start it off but from ther.......???? lol
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so i have a question on what the input is for chars who have qcf movement, rather than wd, how snakedash is applied ... also is there really such a thing as rolldash qcf~u~qcf~u... and can it be done with D as well ... also tips on how to dash with qcf chars
P.S. thanks a million for the guide i think i finally can BDC (or at least in theory) cause i always input bb~d/b~bb~d/b... and it's somewhat staggering XD so now i know better ^^
4th Dan
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help i can use backdash faster than i thought
in tekken 5 and dr??
how i can use this in t6 br?
im a roger
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Could not find snake step. What are the notations for it?

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