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For the optimal damage combos, you're going to be doing 4 filler hits, then bound, then finish with hcf+2:1+2. If you can't get that execution down, you can also dash, b+4,3,3+4 to finish (this will hit with 4 filler hits then bind, but is more consistent/easier with only 3 filler hits prior to the bind move). They're essentially interchangable if your execution is on.

b+4,3,3+4 carries farther than hcf+2:1+2, but the latter does slightly more damage. Also if you make it to the wall during the knees, one of the last hits misses and you come down at a massive disadvantage. The hcf+2:1+2 also recovers faster mid stage, so you can continue to pressure a bit more.

There are, of course, many possible variations. I'm sure we will find some better than these in short time, too. These, at least, are the ones I'm using now.

u/b+3~F, [Boot] 1,2, 3,2, d/b+1, B!, hcf+2:1+2

u+4~U, [Fly] 1,2,1+2, B!, b+4,3,3+4 (I never use this... doesn't crush well like D.Jin's)

d/f+1+2, U/F,N+4, 3,2, d/b+1, B!, ff~b+4,3,3+4

WS+2, b+4,3, 3,2, d/b+1, B!, hcf+2:1+2 (You CAN finish this with b+4,3,3+4, but if you want to, you should SSL slightly after the initial counter hit in order to realign)

u+1+2, b+4,3, 3,2, d/b+1, B!, hcf+2:1+2

SS+2, u/b+3~F, [Boot]1, 3,2, d/b+1, B!, hcf+2:1+2

d/f,d/f+2+4, u+1+2, d/f+2, d/f+2,1,2

1+3, 1+2 (if they tag you can continue as 1+2>1+2 and launch the incoming character)

SS+4, FC,d/f+2

FC,d/f+2, b+1+2

ff+1+2, d/b+3 (unblockable high starter)

[CH]b+3, WS+1, 3,2, d/b+1, B!, hcf+2:1+2

[CH]b+2, b+4,3, 3,2, d/b+1, hcf+2:1+2

[CH] d+4,4, b+4,3, 3,2, d/b+1, B!, hcf+2:1+2


SS+4, FC+4, (w), WS+1,2< B!, IWS+4, f+1+4


d/f+3,2, B!, IWS+4, f+1+4 (bind with a quicker move if needed)

ON THE WALL, Post-bind

1,2, f+1+4

Tag Assault

  • u/b+3~F, [Boot] 1,2,1+2
  • u/f+3,4,3+4
  • hcb+2 (if you want to leave Ogre in and regen some life... it's an air throw, so it won't TA back to the first character)
  • hcf+2:1+2 (good after a very late bind for carry... if it's after 7 hits, the first character can run for unblockable shoulder if they tech)
  • d/f+1+2 (or just hold tag)... this is good because it pops them up, if low, but it kills the momentum off so you can keep them closer later in a juggle, whereas something else would make them fly too far off to continue with the first character)
  • SS+2 kind of works like the d/f+1+2, can allow the first character to run in a bit because of the SS, pops the opponent up close-ish, but face down.
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