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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Select


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Solo Combos

No Wall

Combo Damage Notes
df+2, df+3,2~SSR+1~b~uf+4, iWS+1 x3, 1+4 B! WS+1, ff+3 84 Staple df+2 combo
b+1+4, uf+4, iWS+6, 1+4 B!, WS+1, ff +3 90 Doesn't work off axis at all.
[f+2], 1, 1+2 B!, SSR, iWS+1 x6, ff+3 96 Natural combo if the second move hits, Natural Counter combo on the first one.
uf+2,1 B!, SSR+1~b~uf+4, iWS+1 x4, ff+3 80 uf+2,1 is hit confirmable
CH 4, 1, uf+2,1 B!, SSR, iWS+1 x5, ff+3 84 Dash after the CH1

Post Wall Splat

Combo Damage Notes
W! df+1, 1+4 B! SS+1~b~u~f+1,2,f+1+2 60 (?) Stable Solo wall combo
W! df+3,2 1+4 B! SS+1~b~uf+3 50 (?) Easier wall combo - can be used to catch a Tag Crash (a TC will miss and you might be able to get a backturned combo)

Team Combos General Info

TA Fillers in the open

A great video by StudBuddha showing the various TA options: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiOLuN9FdxU

Number of hits post-launch and pre-bound means we don't count the launcher or the Bound move as a hit. For example with Nina: df+2, df+3,2~SSR+1~UF+4 B! would be 3.

Number of Hits Input Notes
0 df+3,2~SSR+1~b~df+3,2,3 Something like Lars' f,b+2,1 or universal 1+2+5
1-2 df+3,2~SSR+1~f, N+1,1+2
3 SS+1~B~df+3,2,3
4 df+3,2,3 Launches high for running followup
4 f+4,3,3 Spikes on the ground, can still get fff+2+4 throws
5+ SS+1~f+2
 ? ff+4 Most damaging single hit TA

Post TA Followup in the open

Nina doesn't have a lot of good post TA, usually because she has a lot of hits pre-bound in her combos.

  • qcf+2
  • f+1+2
  • qcf+4,2,3 for 5 juggle hits or fewer

TA Fillers at the wall

  • 4,3~D,N+4,3 - You can get a hit in with your primary character between the 3rd and 4th hits. Generic df+1's and standing 4's of. This move also spikes them to the ground, so you have to have a move that picks up really low to the ground to follow up with it.
  • ss+1~b~df+3,2,3 - This leaves the opponent vertical, so most TA followups can hit
  • SS+1~b~ub~N+4,3~D,N+4,3 - Not sure if this because I haven't been able to do it consistently... if someone can, let me know!

Post TA at the wall

  • f+1,2,f+1+2 - For when the opponent is vertical after the last hit.
  • SS+1~b~uf+3 - For when the opponent is horizontal after the last hit.

Specific Team Combo Info


Combos in the open - no iWS+1

  • Nina: uf+2,1, SSL+1~b~uf+4, qcf+4,2,3 63d
  • Nina: f+2,1,1+2, SSL+1~b~uf+4, qcf+4,2,3 63d
  • Nina: uf+2,1 ~5 Kuni: b+4,3 Nina: uf+4, qcf+4,2,3
  • Nina: uf+2,1 ~5 Kuni: b+4,3 Nina: uf+4, iWS+1, qcf+4,2,3
  • Nina: qcf+1~5 Kuni: uf+3,4 f+4~f,1,2,4 B! f+4,4
  • Nina: qcf+1~5 Kuni: uf+3,4 f+4~f,1,2,4 ~5 TA! Nina: 1+4 Kuni f+4,4
  • Nina: qcf+1 uf+2,1 SSL+1~b~uf+4 qcf+4,2,3
  • Nina: qcf+1 uf+2,1~5 TA! Kuni: b+4,3 uf+4 qcf+4,2,3
  • Nina: df+2, df+3,2~SSR+1~f, N+1, 1+4~5 TA! Kuni: d+1+2,2,4 Nina: ff+3
  • Kuni: df+2, f+3+4, f+4,1,2,4~5 TA! Nina: SSR, f+4,3,3 Kuni: f+4,4

Wall Combos

  • Nina: W! df+3,2, 1+4~5 TA! Kuni: f+4~f, d+2,1,2,1+2 Nina: b+3,4
  • Kuni: W! df+1+2~5 TA! Nina: 4,3~d,N+4,3 Kuni: $1, d+2,1,2,1+2


Combos in the open

  • Nina: df+2, qcf+1~5 Jaycee: d,df+1, 4, 1, d,df+1, 4, 1+2~5 TA! Nina: f+4,3,3 Jaycee: fff+2+4
  • Jaycee: [Launch] 4, d,df+1, 4, 1, d,df+1, 4, 1+2~5 TA! Nina: f+4,3,3 Jaycee: fff+2+4
  • Jaycee: df+2,1~5 Nina: f,f,df+3,2~SSR+1~b~uf+4, iWS+3, 1+4 B!, WS+1, ff+3
  • Jaycee: qcf+2~5 Nina: f,f,df+3,2~SSR+1~b~uf+4, iWS+3, 1+4 B!, WS+1, ff+3
  • Jaycee: df+2,1~5 Nina: qcf+1~1 Jaycee: d,df+1, 4, 1, d,df+1, 4, 1+2~5 TA! Nina: f+4,3,3 Jaycee: fff+2+4
  • Jaycee: qcf+2~5 Nina: qcf+1~5 Jaycee: d,df+1, 4, 1, d,df+1, 4, 1+2~5 TA! Nina: f+4,3,3 Jaycee: fff+2+4
  • Nina: qcf+1~5 Jaycee: ff+3, d,df+1, 4, 1, d,df+1, 4, 1+2~5 TA! Nina: f+4,3,3 Jaycee: fff+2+4

Wall Combos

Nina and Jaycee have ridiculous damage at the wall, no matter who leads. This with the fact that Nina has the best pre-bound wall carry in the game makes getting launched by this team when there is walls, very scary.

  • Nina: W! df+1, 1+4~5 TA! Jaycee: 3~b~f, 1+2,4,bf+1+2 Nina: f+1,2,f+1+2
  • Jaycee: W! b+2, 1+2~5 TA! Nina: 4,3~d,N,4,3 Jaycee: 4, df+4,2,bf+1 - You have to hold D for longer then normal when doing the 4,3~d,N,4,3 for Jaycee to move forward during the TA. Not 100% consistent though
  • Jaycee: W! b+1~5 TA! Nina: SS+1~b~df+3,2,3 Jaycee: df+3+4 - Adds about 50, has good oki since you get a hard knockdown.


Combos in the open

  • Nina: df+2, df+3,2~SSR+1~b~uf+4, iWS+1 x3, 1+4~5 TA! Unknown: uf+2,2 Nina: qcf+2
  • Nina: df+2, qcf+1~5 Unknown: b+4,2, f+3, f+1+2, 1+2 B! b+2,1,2,2 - almost all red life.
  • Nina: CH 4, 1, qcf+1~5 Unknown: f+3, f+1+2, 1+2~5 TA! Nina: f+4,3,3 Unknown: fff+3
  • Unknown: CH WS+1+2, f+2~5 Nina: df+3,2~SSR+1~b~uf+4, iWS+1 x3, 1+4 B!, WS+1, ff+3
  • Unknown: b+3~5 Nina: 1, SSR~f+1, iWS+1 x5, 1+4 B!, ws+1, ff+3 - REALLY hard to do consistently, since the jab doesn't hit of b+3 hits at tip range or if your back is to a wall.
  • Unknown: b+3~5 Nina: 1, qcf+1~5 Unknown: f+3, b+2,1,f+1+2, 1+2 B! ff+2,3
  • Unknown: b+3~5 Nina: d+4,1, f+4,3,3 B! qcf+4,2,3

Wall Combos

  • Nina: W! df+1, 1+4~5 TA! Unknown: b+3,2,1 Nina df+1,2,f+1+2
  • Unknown: W! df+2,2~5 TA! Nina: 4,3~d,4,3 Unknown: 1, ff+2>2

Max Damage Wall Combos per Character

Combos will start with Nina: qcf+1, then let them drop so that we don't get any high wall splat combos.

For Partner Damage, We'll start with Nina: qcf+1~5 and let them drop again.

qcf+1 = 28 damage

Character Damage with Nina TA Combo Damage with Other TA Combo Notes
Alisa 96 A: b+4,3~5 TA! N: 4,3~d,N+4,3 A: f,f+1+2~2~2~2~2~2 90 N: df+3,2, 1+4~5 TA! A: 2,3,3 N: SS+1,~b~uf+3
Ancient Ogre
Anna 94 A: f+3,2~5 TA! N: 4,3~d,N+4,3 A:$1, qcf+2,1 96 N: df+3,2 1+4~5 TA! A: f+3~b~df+2,1 N: SSL+1~b~uf+3
Armor King
Craig Marduk
Devil Jin 91 DJ: df+1+2~5 TA! N: SSR+1~b~df+3,2,3 DJ: f,N,d,df+1~uf 88 N: df+1, 1+4~5 TA! DJ: bf+2,1,2 N: f+1,2,f+1+2
Dr. Bosconovitch
Jaycee 93 JC: b+1~5 TA! N: ss+1~b~df+3,2,3 JC: df+3+4 102 N: df+1, 1+4~5TA! JC: 3~B~f,1+2,4,bf+1+2
Kazuya 99 K: uf+3~5 TA N: 4.3~d,N+4,3 K: $1, b+3,1,4,3 88 N: df+1, 1+4~5 TA! K: df+3,2,1 N: f+1,2,f+1+2
Lars 99 L: f,b+2,1~5 TA! N: 4,3~d,N+4,3 L: $1, f+4,1,2,1 99 N: df+3,2 1+4~5 TA! L: 1+2~b, f+4,1,2,1 N: SS+1~b~uf+3
Leo 97 L: b+2,1+2~5 TA! N: 4,3~d,N+4,3 L: $FC+2 ws+1,4,1 107 N: df+3,2, 1+4~5 TA! L:f+3~D,N+1,4,1 N: SSL+1~b~uf+3
Lili 99 L: df+3+4, BT 1+2~5 TA Nina: 4,3~d,N+4,3 L: $4, f+2,3 102 N: 1+4~5 L: u+3+4~f,N+3,4 N:$qcf+1, df+1,2,f+1+2
P. Jack
Slim Bob
Unknown 97 U: df+2,2~5TA N: 4,3~d,N+4,3 U $1, f+1,3 95 N: df+1, 1+4~5 TA! U: b+3,2,1 N: $df+1,2,f+1+2
Wang 105 W: df+1,1~5 TA N: 4,3~d,N+4,3 W:4$ db+2,4,1 88 N: df+1, 1+4~5 TA! W: f+4,1+2,2 N: f+1,2,f+1+2
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