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Nina qcb - Backsway

Nina's qcb - backsway (or as I like to refer to it: 'Oh, you thought you had a mid, safe option there... I'm sorry, let me launch you for your troubles' move) is an incredibly useful tool.

Its strong enough to almost completely remove some characters offense. The reason is because of its special properties.

When you do a qcb, N, Nina goes into a crouching animation, so she'll duck any highs and block lows, but not only that she leans backward moving her hitbox back farther causing a good deal of mids to whiff as well. Often the mids that will hit her, are slow enough so that Nina will be standing again by the time they hit, so she'll still block them.

I'm not 100% sure on the frame data, but to me it feels like: Frames 1 - 15: Nina is crouching, blocks all lows, ducks all highs, ducks most mids that don't have a really low hit box Frames 15+: Nina is standing. She blocks all highs and mids, gets hit by lows.

There are some mixup situations too that the backsway will beat all options out of too. Making this really strong vs those situations.

You can get WS moves out of back sway if you do qcb,N, then hit a button. The timing is a little tight, but not too hard. Using WS+1,1+2 or WS+2 are both really strong for whiff punishing with the back sway. You can also do qcb~df+2 to get a standing df+2 out of the early frames. This is useful if you know they're going to jab, since it will crush the jab, and launch them, but since it doesn't leave you in crouch once the df+2 starts, you can still get hit out of it.

You can also cancel the back sway with ~u, so you can limit your frames of mid vulnerability by doing: qcb~u~b but you're no longer ducking so its a bit of a trade off.

List of moves that have notable qcb properties

Character Move Notes
Heihachi ff+2 If timed right, qcb will cause the move to completely whiff no matter the range
Heihachi EWGF Completely avoids the move except if they delay it significantly (then you'll still block it). Difficult to launch punish after ducking, but getting at least jabs for their trouble is enough to deter them from trying to abuse the move.
Heihachi df+1 Will hit if he's in your face, but otherwise will whiff
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