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Wall Oki

  • post B! W! 4~u_d to get thier back
  • post B! W! iws1 jump over
  • B! with head towards empty jump into d+3,2
  • opp back to wall WTF d+3,d+4 U/Fn4 BT throw mixup
  • W! d/f+1 1+4 B! SS1f Evil Mist (only catches tech to Ninas left)
  • W! 1+4 B! ss1~b WS4 jump over d+1 will catch to the back

In the Open Oki

  • B! uf+1 Spike! f,F+1+2 hits grounded opponents d+4,1 will pick them up for iWS+1 x 5, 1+4 B!
  • B! WS+1, [WS+1] into mid/low/throw mixup
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