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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character Select


[ Nina ]
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Standing Block Punishers


  • 1,2 [22 Damage leaves you at +5]
  • 1,4 [29 Damage leaves you at -6]


  • 4 [20 Damage leaves you at +8]


  • b+2,2 [34 Damage leaves you at +2]
  • df+4 [20ish damage, leaves you at +7]


  • d/f+1 [17 Damage leaves you at +5]
  • d/f+1,2 [30 Damage leaves you at +2]
  • f +2 [16 Damage, leaves you at +8]


  • d/f+3,2 [33 Damage leaves you at +2]
  • d/f+3,4 45 damage and leaves you at +8]
  • f+3 [39 Damage gives KD/Wall Splat]
  • d/f+3,f+4 [37 Damage gives KD/Wall Splat]
  • 3,4 [44 Damage gives KD/Wall Splat]


  • d/f+2 [LAUNCH]


  • b+1+4 [LAUNCH can tag buffer]


  • u/f+2,1 B! [LAUNCH]
  • b+3,4 [48 damage gives KD/Wall Splat]

FC/WS Block Punishers


  • FC d+1 [6 Damage leaves you at +6]


  • WS4 [20 Damage leaves you at +7]


  • FC d+4 [13 Damage leaves you at -4]


  • WS1 [18 Damage leaves you at +5]
  • WS1,1+2 [43 Damage gives KD/Wall Splat]


  • WS2 [LAUNCH can tag buffer (Short Range)]


  • u/f+2,1 B! [LAUNCH]


  • u/f+1 [LAUNCH]

Whiff Punishers

  • QCF1 [LAUNCH can tag buffer -11 on block]
  • b+1+4 [LAUNCH can tag buffer -17~-16 on block]
  • d/b+3+4 [LAUNCH can tag buffer -17 on block]


1,2- h,h natural combo and jails on block. The string is delayable, but it doesn't jail on block if you delay it. This is a must have for your arsenal.

d/f+1,2- m,h natural combo and jails on block. This is pretty much your bread and butter.

f+2- Pokes that leaves you at +8 on hit. You're left at -3 on block but that's that perfect place for stepping jabs and M4s. It's slightly CH confirmable for a combo on with f+2,1,1+2 B! Also, if you mess up the CH confirm and end up getting the whole string and the last hit is blocked it's only -12 and forces crouch so at most you're going to eat a WS4.

WS1- This is a quick mid that has decent tracking and leaves you at a decent advantage.

d+4- Nina's fastest low. Coming in at a whopping i12 it makes this little bugger impossible to block on reaction. Also d+4>1 in a NCc so you will be able to CH confirm the 1 for a decent amount of chip damage.

d/b+3- Nina's agressive low. It's not quite as fast as d+4 but it's still pretty tough to block on reaction. It is -13 if they block it so be weary against characters like Chreddy and Kazuya that can launch from crouch at i13. Now that we have the bad out of the way lets talk about the good it does 21 damage and leaves you at +3 and on CH it KD's for a ff+1+2 or if their back is to the wall you get STFU.

d/f+4- Quick mid i12 with decent pushback.

b+2,2- h,h natural combo and it jails on block as well. The money thing about this is b+2,2,2 in a NCc and you are able to hit confirm the last 2 for juicy damage and a KD/Wall Splat.

4- This move is i11 and is also one of Nina's best tools. On CH it bags you a huge chunk of damage if you have spot on execution. PLUS you can snatch some red health with it too with M4 [dash] 1 QCF1~5

SS1- This is one of Nina's most useful moves. It's fast enough to be considered a poke and it's completely versitile allowing many follow-up attacks.

Keep Out

d/f+1+2- This is Nina's tracking move. It's i16 and leaves you at +7 on hit. It's -4 on block but has amazing pushback. It causes CSC and if the opponent doesn't break it you have enough time to u/f+1 (i26) for a full launch plus if they break it you had a free launch attempt.

f+2- As mentioned before it's a fast high that should be keeping an opponent at bay in fear of getting CH.

4- This move is i11 and is also one of Nina's best tools. On CH it bags you 76 damage if you have spot on execution.

d/f+4- Quick mid i12 with decent pushback.

b+4- This is a fast high coming in at i14 and doing 18 damage. If an opponents back is to the wall and you nail a b+4 the oppoent will be pushed into the wall giving you a free 1,2. Also on CH b+1+4 is guaranteed for a launch.

1+4- One of Nina's best tools. It forces crouch on hit and leaves you at +4. This can be one of the most used attacks that Nina has since it is completely safe on block and hit. Refer to the wiki for its tracking information.

SS1- This thing is a vertical wall and is where a handfull of Nina players get their offense from. SS1~b_f leaves Nina at +4 on block meaning that a well executed following move is hardly going to be interrupted on block or hit. Also on hit SS1~b and SS1~f is +6[~7]

Ranged Moves

f,f+2- Okay range has been an issue for Nina for a long time now. BUT in TTT2 they gave her some pretty excellent tools to stay on top of the opponent. This is one of them. ff+2 does a solid amount of damage by itself BUT not only did Namco give us that they make it so you can get follow up hits after it. You can get ff+3 for damage or if you're in need of tagging out you can d/b+3+4~5 to safely tag out. The only downfalls are it's high and linear.

f,f+4- With the ability to tech roll you can get up and be at +4 (if you hit at tip range you'll be at -10) So another way Nina can close the gap. It's linear BUT it give you the option to close the gap against an opponent who might be waiting for that ff+2 and hoping to duck that f,f+2 and launch you.

d/b+2- Okay so the prior two moves were linear, this covers that. It's Nina's tracking move that has a HUGE hitbox. On CH you're left with a crumpled opponent who you can do with what you want. Additionally you can QCF1~5 after to snag red life.


QCB- This is Nina's sway and can be canceled with ~u allowing you do do any attack you want including SS moves and u/f moves. Sways can be done in succession for a very evasive sidestep and it has active low guard. Swaying in succession is called a Hayashida Step. QCB~u/f+2,1 is a pretty nifty example of how evading and punishing will work. QCB will evade highs_block lows allowing u/f+2,1 to hit safely and yeilding a combo for you! You can also cancel a sway with ~u/b~n to avoid the SS and Nina will go back to standing neutral.

SS1- Since this has been in every section so far I'm going to go ahead and say that SS1 is one of Nina's very best moves and I think anyone would agree. Not only is it a safe poke and has excellent keep out you can scare linier attacking opponents with Nina's SS shenanigans. SS1 will evade those pesky cock punches and keep the ball in your court.

SS2- Nowhere near safe but this move is definitely one that deserves to be in the evasion section of Nina's gameplay. Once again those stupid cock punches and annoying interrupting jabs. SS2 will take care of most of those. Since it evades linier attacks and gives you a launch. How nice... Huh?

Crush Moves

High crush

  • d4,1 - NCC
  • d3,2 - NCC
  • d2,3 - NCC
  • wtf - goes under hopkicks but wiffs. so may crush some mids?
  • d1,2 - NCC
  • d1,4 - NCC
  • qcf3
  • d/f2 - only at distance hitting their jab or their 4.
  • qcf2
  • hcf~d/b2+3 (Evil Mist)
  • qcb - goes under highs and mids but not under mids that hits grounded like bob's d1
  • ss4
  • ss1 - maybe crush jabs in distance. will test.
  • d/b3+4 - at close range VERY slight crush window
  • d/b4
  • D,d/b1 ??? will test
  • b1+3_b2+4

Low crush

  • u/f3
  • U/F4
  • b3,4,3+4 - the second and last hit.
  • u/f1 - crushes at the beginning half animation.
  • u/f3+4 - hit at close range.



Notes about iWS+1

Input methods

  • QCF~u/f+1
  • QCF~n1
  • d~D/F~n1
  • d~D/B~n1
  • d/f~u/b~n 1

The fastest way to get it is d~f~u/f+1. Each other method makes it come out 2-5 frames slower (You can still do iWS1x7 with any method) Impact Frames

  • FC to WS1 = i13
  • SS1 to WS1 = i14
  • SS1~b,n 1 = i14
  • SS1~f,n 1 = i14
  • SS1~f~u/f+1 = i14

Standing iWS1

  • d~f~u/f+1 = i15
  • QCF~u/f+1 = i17
  • QCF~n1 = i20
  • d~D/B~n1 = i20
  • d~D/F~n1 = i20
  • d~D/B~n1 = i20
  • d/f~u/b~n = i20

For multiple iWS1 to connect in a juggle you have to be slightly off axis right and the maximum amount of hits before a B! that you can do is 7. Examples:

  • d/f+2 d/f+3,2 SSR1~f iWS1x4 1+4 B!
  • CH KD3 d+4,1 iWS1x5 1+4 B!
  • Off axis right d/f+2 iWS1x7 1+4 B!

Note- On all characters you can get launch [dash] iWS1 [dash] iWS1 iWS1 iWS1 iWS1 iWS1 iWS1 iWS1,1+2 for the longest non-B! wall carry in the game. BUT those dashes have to be 2 frame dashes and it's incredibly hard.

Anyway, each iWS1 has to be imput after nina has recovered from the previous move. Best way to know is his analysis. If you are getting u/f+1 you started the next iWS1 too early and it didn't register the QCF. If you get QCF+1 you are starting at the right time just not getting all the way to the u/f before you press 1 so you end up pressing d,d/f,F+1 instead of d,d/f,f,u/f+1. There are a few other problems that you might get if you do a jumping jab it's cause you ended up doing QCF~U/F+1 or you went all the way to u and did qcf~u+1

Video Tutorial

Input example with sound and command capture <-- In this video I was trying to be extremely sloppy with iWS1 to show that you don't have to have incredibly perfect input to succeed getting multiple iWS1's. The only thing you need to have is decent timing.

Useful Launchers

d/f+2- Safe

u/f+1- Safe

SS+2- Yeah, it's -14 but whatever! Like I mentioned in the evasion section you shouldn't be just tossing this out there anyway. You should be SSing and confirming a whiff then pressing 2. Huge damage and not that difficult to use properly. There's a handful of characters that can launch it on block so be careful against them. (Bryan, Mishimas, Ganny, Lars)

u/f+2>1- Fairly Safe. The u/f+2 by itself is -10 which isn't too bad. This is a delayable string so someone wanting to punish with i10 after it is going to be at fear of eating a CH since [u/f+2]1 float launches. With that being said u/f+2,1 blocked is -13 meaning you're going to eat a chunk of damage if you throw it out carelessly. THIS IS A HIT CONFIRMABLE STRING. If u/f+2 hits you get the 1.

4- Okay, so this doesn't always launch but it's a VERY useful tool and deserves to be listed under launchers for that reason.

d/b+3+4- This should be use ONLY AS A PUNISHER and has the ability to tag buffer. If you throw this out just to get a launch and it gets blocked say bye bye to your health bar.

b+1+4- Same as d/b+3+4 ONLY AS A PUNISHER can also tag buffer.

WS2- This is pretty quick and it's -13 but it can tag buffer. The thing you need to keep in mind when using this as a WS punisher is that it has gimp range so in many cases you're going to have to stick with WS1,1+2.

d+3,2- Unlike in T6 this is now -13 BUT it's a NCc and it can tag buffer. It also high crushes.

QCF4,2- Granted it's a MH string that doesn't jail it still yields decent damage. With the addition that it's a knee and can only be parried or what not it makes this a decent tool to have.

d/b+2- Again this doesn't always launch but it will always wall splat and it launches on CH for HEFTY damage. Not to mention it's Nina's tracking move and it's completely safe on block

QCF1- In T6 I would have said forget this move, but in TTT2 it give a TON of damage which is all red since you can tag buffer off it. The only thing you have to keep in mind is your sub character has to have a move that will flip. (For example with NinaJC qcf1~5ff+3 d,d/f+1,3,1 d,d/f+1,4,1+2~5f+4,3,3iSW it's over 100 damage and the execution isn't all that hard.

String Launches to the back

  • 4,3,2- Launch and combos to the back
  • 3,3,2- Launch and combos to the back
  • d+3,2_FC d+3,2- Launch and combos to the back
  • f+2,1,1+2

Red Life Options

Nina is excellent at taking redlife when she is tagged in due to her extremely high damage output and excellent wall carry. Nina also excells at allowing her partner to take red life from alsmot any launcher. Typically Nina doesn't need to use TA due to her high damage, BUT Nina can send that opponent in at almost any time.

Options for the sub to take red life

d/f+2 QCF1~5 SS2 QCF1~5 CH d/b+2 QCF1~5 M4 [dash] 1 QCF1~5 u/f+1 d+3,2~5 CH d/b+2 d+3,2~5 ss+1+2 [dash] d+3,2~5 M4 d/b+3+4~5 W! B! b+1+4~5 W! B! QCF1~5 W!

Options for Nina to take red life when tagged in

Low Tags

Point ~5 Nina 1+4 B! SSR iWS1x3 iWS1,1+2 Point ~5 Nina d+4,1 [fill as you see fit]

Stun Tags/Medium

Point ~5 Nina d/f+1 d/f+3,2 iWS1x4 1+4 B!

High Tags

Point ~5 Nina d/f+3,2 SSR1~b~u/f+4 iWS1x3 1+4 B!

Highest Tags

Point ~5 Nina u/f+4 d/f+1 WS1x5 1+4 B! Point ~5 Nina qcf1~5

These are just examples you may fill them as you see fit or to the best of your abilities. The combos listed are directly off tag buffed launches. The hits will vary depending on how many hits prior to the point character's ~5.

Moves that can Tag Buffer

  • QCF1~5
  • WS2~5
  • b+1+4~5
  • d/b+3+4~5
  • d/b+4,3~5
  • d/f+3,2,3~5
  • QCB4~5
  • d+3,2~5
  • 3,3,2~5
  • 4,3,2~5
  • d/f+3,2,d+3,2~5
  • u/f~n d+3,2~5

Moves that B!

  • U/F+4_u+4
  • 1+4
  • u/f+2,1
  • f+2,1,1+2
  • f+4,3,3

Moves that Wall Break/Balcony Break

  • WS1,1+2
  • f+1+2_WS1+2
  • ff+1+2
  • f+3
  • d/f+3,f+4
  • 3,4
  • b+2,2,2
  • d/f+3,4,3+4

Moves that Floor Break

  • d+3,4,3
  • 4,d+3,4,3
  • u/f+2,1
  • 1+4
  • U/F+4_u+4
  • d/f,d/f+1
  • d/f+3,4,3+4
  • u/f+1
  • d+3+4
  • f+4,3,3
  • f+2,1,1+2
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