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Nina's Ivory Cutter (1+4) Tracking

Nina's 1+4's tracking has been toned down a lot since T6, it used to track perfectly both ways, but since TTT2 you can walk it both ways in some scenarios. Due to some talk on the forums, I decided to test it.

Methodology: I went to practice mode and recorded a move, then 1+4. The move I used will leave Nina at various positive frames and then I test walking in both directions to see when you can walk.

Nina's Positive Frames Move Walk Left Walk Right Step Left Step Right
+1 1 on block Can walk easily Can Walk easily Can Step Can Step
+2 2,2 on hit Can walk easily Can walk easily Can Step Can Step
+3 df+3,1 on hit Can Walk - but really tight Can Walk - but really tight Stepped it once, but might have been a fluke and off axis Can't step
+4 2,1 on hit Can't walk Can't walk Can't step Can't Step

Conclusion, If Nina is +4 or better, 1+4 tracks both ways.

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